[ new age channeling:~7 ] Ervad Homyar x 夢妮妲 x Zeke Li ~ 古波斯拜火教 Zoroastrianism

March 13, 2014 in all categories, 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】, 【new age channeling:】- Radio Art by QooRadio™ Robot

photo of Zeke, 夢妮妲, HOYMAR by pinkwork

pinkwork™ entity ‘s “abducted” human (research target) ~ Zeke Li who is an expert on Gnosticism said during his last “abduction”, according to his study, early Christianity or Judaism didn’t has the concept of good and evil. The religious dualism in modern Chr[......]

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Karene麥貝夷 x AMENPAPA福音潮牌創辦人 ~ PINKWORK™ Radio Art / [藝術創業論 Creative Business Humans]

March 27, 2013 in all categories, 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】, 【Creative Business Humans 藝術創業論】- Radio Art by QooRadio™ Robot

Karene Mak 麥貝夷 x AMENPAPA福音潮牌創辦人…藝術創業對談 PINKWORK Radio Art

Extraterrestrial life ~ pinkwork™ entity who is curious about humans in this material planet, likes to abduct some interesting / creative Humans (especially those doing business using their creativity). It would put them in a “closed” space and let them chat w[......]

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