pinkwork™ entity ‘s Latest “abductions” ▶ HK girl group AsOne 애즈원 (humans: Shin, Nata, Chloe, Kayan)

April 17, 2016 in all categories, pinkwork™ city 虛擬城市 by pinkwork™ entity

photo of AsOne by pinkwork

Before HK girl pop group 香港女子組合 AsOne 애즈원 releases their new song 推出新歌《Hey Ya》MV. These four girls namely Nata 陳苑澄, Chloe 蘇皓兒, Kayan 陳嘉茵 and Shin 吳思佳 were abducted by ME ( pinkwork™ extraterrestrial or entity) 外星綁架來研究 again, well, just to collect some update i[......]

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[ new age channeling:~6 ] 鍾灼輝博士 x 夢妮妲 x KiKiWong ~ 瀕死經驗及「夢中夢」潛意識自癒 Near-Death Experience

February 6, 2014 in all categories, 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】, 【new age channeling:】- Radio Art by QooRadio™ Robot

photo of Dr. Bell Chung, Dreamonita by pinkwork

Near-Death Experience (NDE) refers to humans’ individual experience reported after being pronounced clinically dead or impending death. These experiences usually include the presence of a light tunnel, total serenity, security, warmth, detachment from the body[......]

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