《Frankenstein》& 231 Gates “Magic Ring” ✶「科學怪人」與古猶太「231創造之門」有關?

November 27, 2015 in all categories, Extraterrestrial Messages PINKWORK, 【new age channeling:】- Radio Art by pinkwork™ entity

231 Gates by pinkwork

MEOW, came across the trailer of coming movie “Victor Frankenstein” 電影《科學怪人:創生之父》~  a 2015 adaptation of the famous novel by Mary Shelley, it reminds me the ancient Jewish “magic ring” ~ 231 Gate of Creation. How these two things are related 兩者有何關係?


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[ new age channeling:~2 ] 夢妮妲 x Sean Coxall x Lio Beardsley/ 猶太神秘學 Kabbalah 解謎 / PINKWORK™

September 16, 2013 in all categories, 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】, 【new age channeling:】- Radio Art by QooRadio™ Robot

dreamonita icon by pinkwork

Uncover the Jewish mysticism ~ Kabbalah …many pop stars/celebrities including Madonna, Britney, Demi Moore, etc. publicly admitted they follow Kabbalah, seems to be trendy amongst the social elites these days. I, as a very curious “extraterrestrial life form[......]

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