[ new age channeling:~9 ] EKEE伊維特 x 夢妮妲 x Ringie ~ 曼陀羅、禪繞繪畫解謎 Art Meditation

November 30, 2014 in 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】, 【new age channeling:】- Radio Art by QooRadio™ Robot

photo of EKEE, 夢妮妲, Ringie Choi by pinkwork

Extraterrestrial life 外星生命體 ~ pinkwork™ entity is so curious about humans and this physical world, especially human religions and new age thinkings, cause it believes through them it could get some clue of human evolution. Last Friday, it traveled by the blue[......]

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[ new age channeling:~6 ] 鍾灼輝博士 x 夢妮妲 x KiKiWong ~ 瀕死經驗及「夢中夢」潛意識自癒 Near-Death Experience

February 6, 2014 in all categories, 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】, 【new age channeling:】- Radio Art by QooRadio™ Robot

photo of Dr. Bell Chung, Dreamonita by pinkwork

Near-Death Experience (NDE) refers to humans’ individual experience reported after being pronounced clinically dead or impending death. These experiences usually include the presence of a light tunnel, total serenity, security, warmth, detachment from the body[......]

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有耳非文 x 孖人廚房Twins Kitchen兄弟 ~ PINKWORK™ Radio Art / [藝術創業論 Creative Business Humans]

June 11, 2013 in all categories, 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】, 【Creative Business Humans 藝術創業論】- Radio Art by QooRadio™ Robot

photo of fei and Twins Kitchen by pinkwork

Extraterrestrial life ~ pinkwork™ entity who is curious about humans in this material planet, likes to abduct some interesting / creative Humans (especially those doing business using their creativity). It would put them in a “closed” space and let them chat w[......]

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HOLGA toy camera photos of singers: Sita Chan 陳僖儀, Jason 鍾一憲, Karene 麥貝夷 by PINKWORK

January 10, 2013 in all categories, pinkwork™ 's Snaps~隨意拍, Toy Camera Photography 玩具相機 by pinkwork™ entity

HOLGA photos of Jason and Karene by pinkwork

photos of some humans by my HOLGA toy camera 玩具相機, they’re singers: Sita Chan 陳僖儀. Jason Chung 鍾一憲 and Karene Mak 麥貝夷… :mrgreen:

To sEE/hEAR full Story (video, sound, “ordinary” photos and text) of Sita Chan 陳僖儀, go to the relevant area of my pinkwork[......]

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PINKWORK hidden Alien messages 隱秘外星訊息 to HUMANs / Donald@903, Hanjin 陳奐仁, Jing Wong@人山人海, …

December 6, 2012 in all categories, Extraterrestrial Messages PINKWORK by QooRadio™ Robot

photo of Donald 903 by PINKWORK

HUMAN, do U believe Aliens
(Extraterrestrial life) exist
& they’re around you?
pinkwork™ entity 生命體

is one of them?
hidden Alien messages 隱秘外星訊息 (c) pinkwork

 :oo: …

 Video Playlist of HUMANs    &[......]

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