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Part 2,  Contacting Angels 召喚天使

夢妮妲 x illustrator Lio Beardsley 

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Lio Beardsley is a HK renowned illustrator who has worked for Anna Sui and many other big brands, including Levi, Maybelline, Vidal Sassoon, addias … etc. As an artistic person, Beardsley has been obsessed with Kabbalah since several years ago and learn it by herself through reading books, including those written by notorious magician/poet Aleister Crowley. At the time, there were very few Kabbalah materials available and NO any official center in HK. Until this year, she could finally join the “first” Introductory Kabbalah Lecture organized by Kabbalah Center Hong Kong. Want to hear Beardsley talking more about her Kabbalah learning, meditation & some of her contacting Guardian Angel” experience, simply CLICK the sound button above  

Anna Sui的御用插畫師Lio Beardsley幾年前已經對古猶太神秘學Kabbalah卡巴拉很感興趣,亦受了英國著名魔術師/詩人Aleister Crowley的一些思想及著作影響。由於當時香港根本沒有很多關於Kabbalah的資訊,亦沒有任何正統的中心。所以她都是靠自己在amazon買書自學,直至今年5月Kabbalah Center正式在香港首次舉辦基礎課程,她馬上報名參加了。pinkwork粉紅貓也是跟她一次閒聊才知道的,即時「捉」了她跟夢妮妲Kabbalah第二部份節目。想聽聽她學習Kabbalah的過程、一些獨特的冥想方法,以及兩次她親身與「守護天使」接觸的經驗按/點上面聲音按鈕。


Dreamonita 夢妮妲 (left) & Lio Beardsley, shot in Beardsley ‘s studio.

Beardsley said her drawings “princess in her gothic dreams” were inspired by or based on
Aleister Crowley ‘s theory.


An interview with pinkwork & Beardsley by Milk Magazine (issue 638, p50~51), about Kabbalah.

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