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May 15, 2013 in all categories, 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】, 【new age channeling:】- Radio Art by QooRadio™ Robot

Extraterrestrial life ~ pinkwork™ entity heard that more and more Humans, especially those so-called hipsters in this material planet talking about or even named themselves “new age” people in recent years. Though I knew it might be just a term without any strict or unique definition, I “assigned” my human friend dreamonita (a celebrity dream interpreter / tarot card reader / columnist in HK) to chat with other human guests about different “new age” thinkings .. Again, that’s for my “human” research purpose only.

Then what is New Age? In short, it’s a spiritual movement highlighting Self-help, Humanity is God, All religions are One, Your mind can create reality … etc.

外星生命體pinkwork™近年常常聽聞這個物質星球的人類,特別是那些所謂的「型人」談及New Age思想,甚至自稱為New Age人。雖然我知這不過是一個名稱,沒有嚴謹或者統一的定義,所以特別「指派」了人類朋友夢妮妲﹝解夢師、塔羅占卜師、專欄作家﹞,跟一些人類嘉賓談談不同的New Age思想 … 當然,這又是我人類研究計劃的一部份。

那麼何為New Age?簡單來說,是一種靈性運動,強調人類自己可以幫助自己、人性即是神、所有宗教最終會歸一、信念可以創造現實 … 等等。

new age channeling ~ Episode 1

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human guest : Chris Ho 何兆基@壞碑唇 / Yellow ! ( a HK indie musician)

In this episode, dreamonita and HK veteran indie musician Chris are chatting about different new age beliefs and some world renowned celebrity psychics, such as Edgar Cayce (nicknamed Sleeping Prophet), Chuck Spezzano (who successfully predicted Japan 311 earthquake) … etc. dreamonita also shares some of her “channeling” experience during tarot card readings.

今次夢妮妲來自「壞碑唇」、「野仔」及「Yellow !」樂隊的何兆基會談談NEW AGE的一些簡單概念、介紹一些有名的「大師」級人物,包括有「睡夢先知」稱號的Edgar Cayce,及成功預測了日本311地震Chuck Spezzano等等同時夢妮妲亦分享了自己幫人讀塔羅牌時的一些Channeling經驗。Channeling不是甚麼通靈鬼神上身,是指接通了宇宙的能量或知識庫。很可能人類本身天生有此能力的,只是都市生活令人類這方面的感觀開始退化。

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