Winkie@HotCha x Lio Beardsley (illustrator) ~ PINKWORK™ Radio Art / [藝術創業論 Creative Business Humans]

April 19, 2013 in all categories, 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】, 【Creative Business Humans 藝術創業論】- Radio Art by QooRadio™ Robot

Extraterrestrial life ~ pinkwork™ entity who is curious about humans in this material planet, likes to abduct some interesting / creative Humans (especially those doing business using their creativity). It would put them in a “closed” space and let them chat with each other. Listening to their conversations, it could get more understanding about this very special life form in the Universe. Below is some of its recently recorded human sound tracks …

外星生命體pinkwork™對這個物質星球的人類很好奇,喜歡「綁架」一些有趣的人類﹝特別是那些將創意變成一盤生意的人類﹞。牠會將「研究對象」放在一個封閉的空間,然後讓他們對談/聊天。就憑聽人類的對話,牠便能夠從中了解更多人類這種生物的事情 … 以下便是牠的一些最新人類對話錄音 … :mrgreen:


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Winkie@HotCha 黎美言 ( a member of HK pop dance group HotCha )

Lio Beardsley ( a HK based award-winning illustrator who has worked for Anna Sui and many other international brands )

Lio Beardsley :「當年贏得Anna Sui那個比實,能夠飛到紐約跟她見面,的確好驚奇,因為我從不覺得自己的作品很好 …」「多年來令我最有挫折感的,是我不明白為何很多人認為CUTE就不是藝術?為何『無厘頭』或者能夠激怒群眾的,才叫做藝術 …」

Winkie:「其實很多時我也有類似感覺,例如我跳的舞比較girlie一點,未必是好澎湃,其實一樣可以將熱情表達出來 … 但我就很介意外面的人會不喜歡 … 」

Abstract YouTube version 撮要版本 . :neutral:

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Alien Abduction Video extra 外星綁架片段 ( human Winkie and Lio Beardsley )

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