photos on the same roll of film by my HOLGA toy camera 玩具相機 / (c) pinkwork photos

January 25, 2013 in all categories, pinkwork™ 's Snaps~隨意拍, Toy Camera Photography 玩具相機 by pinkwork™ entity

MEOW, here they are … shot by my HOLGA toy camera 玩具相機 on the same roll of film 同一筒菲林拍了 … Hanjin Tan 陳奐仁, EKEE, a stray cat 一隻, the wet market 血淋淋的街市.


human Hanjin Tan 陳奐仁 (an award-winning singer / song writer / producer from Singapore and now based in Hong Kong)

To sEE/hEAR full Story (video, sound, “ordinary” photos and text) of Hanjin Tan 陳奐仁, go to the relevant area of my pinkwork city or mobile mini 手機迷你版 city

mobile mini 手機迷你版 :

another human 人類 EKEE (Evita Wong, a hk indie musician / columnist / former radio 903 dj)

 a street CAT 一隻街


WET MARKET shopping experience 行街市 with HOLGA… Do you know how visual memories are recorded in your (humans’) brains?  Moment by Moment in time order or just a “collage”? I think it’s most likely the latter. That’s why I shot these multi-exposure photos using my HOLGA toy camera while wandering the streets yesterday … photos (c) pinkwork … 相信你們人類的記憶並非順時序,「一刻」跟著「一刻」記錄在腦袋的,很大可能是以「拼貼」的方式 。所以昨天行街時,我便用手上的HOLGA玩具相機,拍攝了幾張多重曝光相片。粉紅貓認為這才能捕捉「記憶」 … 喵。

the bloody wet market 血淋淋的街市

the roads 馬路