HOLGA toy camera photos of singers: Sita Chan 陳僖儀, Jason 鍾一憲, Karene 麥貝夷 by PINKWORK

January 10, 2013 in all categories, pinkwork™ 's Snaps~隨意拍, Toy Camera Photography 玩具相機 by pinkwork™ entity

photos of some humans by my HOLGA toy camera 玩具相機, they’re singers: Sita Chan 陳僖儀. Jason Chung 鍾一憲 and Karene Mak 麥貝夷… :mrgreen:

To sEE/hEAR full Story (video, sound, “ordinary” photos and text) of Sita Chan 陳僖儀, go to the relevant area of my pinkwork city or mobile mini 手機迷你版 city


mobile mini 手機迷你版 : pinkmessage.com/city/archives/2430


and on the same roll of film also shot Jason and Karene 同一筒菲林還拍了人類 ~ 鍾一憲+麥貝夷 …

again Full Story (video, sound, “ordinary” photos and text) of Jason and Karene , please go to …


mobile mini 手機迷你版 : pinkmessage.com/city/archives/2451