PINKWORK hidden Alien messages 隱秘外星訊息 to HUMANs / Donald@903, Hanjin 陳奐仁, Jing Wong@人山人海, …

December 6, 2012 in all categories, Extraterrestrial Messages PINKWORK by QooRadio™ Robot

HUMAN, do U believe Aliens

(Extraterrestrial life) exist

& they’re around you?

pinkwork™ entity 生命體

is one of them?


hidden Alien messages 隱秘外星訊息 (c) pinkwork


 Video Playlist of HUMAN   >  Donald@903 (radio personality), Hanjin Tan 陳奐仁 (singer/song writer/producer), Shiga Lin 連詩雅 (hk pop singer/actress), EKEE (indie musician/visual artist/former 903 DJ), Chloe Lisa Kung (founder of hk dojinshi 同人誌 event ~ RainbowGala ), Jing Wong 黃靖@人山人海 (hk singer-song-writer), HotCha, AsOne, Mo Lai Yan Chi 賴恩慈,  Sita Chan 陳僖儀 (hk singer),  Monita 夢妮妲 (celebrity dream interpreter), Jason Chung & Karene Mak 鍾一憲 + 麥貝夷 (hk pop duo), KiKi Wong (comic artist, creator of SEAMAN 海人 family) … etc.


Donald@903  :

Hanjin Tan 陳奐仁 :

Sita Chan 陳僖儀 :

有耳非文@天比高 Arumimi Hifumi :

楊愛瑾 Miki Yeung :

張紋嘉 Crsytal@Hotcha :

黎美言 Winkie@Hotcha :

雷琛瑜 J.Arie :

AsOne ( Shin, Nata, Oli, Elfa ) :

Abdelkader Benchamma :

Kanae Kanatin Masuda :

EKEE (Evita Wong) :

Shiga Lin 連詩雅 :

Chloe Lisa Kung :

Jason+Karene 鍾一憲、麥貝夷 :

Monita 夢妮妲 :

Rainky 蔚雨芯 :

DET 狄易達 :

KiKi Wong :

HELL’O Monsters :

Jing Wong @人山人海 :

Hidden Alien Message 隱藏外星讯息 :


a PINKWORK Alien message


Neither I came here for a “country” or “nation”,  nor you are my “chosen people” whom I should specifically take care of. I’m just an accidental passing by space-time traveler, and stop by here a little while to look for some fun only. Before, there should also be some other outer space creatures who had visited other countries in this planet, and brought them some kind of civilization.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .