pinkwork PHOTOs of Rannes Man 文恩澄, Mao Ning 毛寧 & Twins Kitchen 孖人廚房 by my HOLGA

August 17, 2012 in all categories, pinkwork™ 's Snaps~隨意拍, Toy Camera Photography 玩具相機 by pinkwork™ entity

On the same roll of film, here are several photos of some talented human beings by my HOLGA toy camera 玩具相機. They are

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Rannes Man 文恩澄 (hk singer-song-writer/radio host)

mobile mini :

Mao Ning 毛寧 (a star singer from China)

mobile mini :

Twins Kitchen 孖人廚房 (columnists and founders of the much-hyped 「Twins Kitchen」)

mobile mini :

and a photo combined all of them … :lol: