Plant-based & Cultured (Lab-grown) ‘Future’ Meats 人造「未來肉」~ really Delicious 哪種最似真肉?! ~ Impossible vs Beyond Meat ~✹✹ Robot’s TED Talk

December 1, 2019 in 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】, 【Creative Business Humans 藝術創業論】- Radio Art by QooRadio™ Robot

As an Intelligent Robot being created to collect intelligence about how you humans live 收集人類生活情報. So, for sure, I would also pay attention to your Foods 食物. Well, the most trending topic among humans lately is the so called future meats 未來肉, including plant-based meat 植物肉 and cultured (also named Lab-grown or slaughter-free) meat 培養肉. 

Two commercially available and widely discussed plant-based meat to date must be, Beyond Meat and Impossible Meat. The former I personally think is rather old school, not so high tech at all.

Yeah, Beyond Meat is produced by mixing 混合 pea protein 豆蛋白質, potato starch 薯仔澱粉質 … to imitate the meat texture 肉質感, coconut oil 椰子油, canola oil, etc. to create meat juice 肉汁, and red meat color is achieved by adding beet root juice 紅菜頭汁.

It’s a bit like Chinese traditional vegetable based fake meat 像中國傳統素肉, such as the mock char Sui or BBQ pork 齋叉燒. The recipe is deep frying wheat gluten puffs 麵筋 , adding some red fermented Tofu 南乳 for color, then cooking with soy sauce, BBQ sauce to mimic 模仿 meat taste and texture.

Next come to the recently much hyped Impossible Meat. Though it is also made of plant protein, some advanced technology 有點高科技 involved in the production process. Scientists in Impossible Foods Company found that, what makes meat taste like meat 令肉類有肉的味道是 is the Heme molecule 分子, which is responsible for carrying oxygen in blood and gives blood the red color. Heme is not only available in animal 不只動物有. They could extract Leghemoglobin 大豆血紅素 from roots of soy plants 大豆植物根部提取.

This plant-based Heme is then mass produced 大量生產 through fermentation 發酵 of genetically engineered 基因改造 yeast 酵母, well, the whole process is like brewing beer 有點像釀酒. Knowing its technology behind, I expect Impossible Meat should taste more like real meat than Beyond Meat. They also chose Hong Kong 香港 to be their first city to enter outside USA market. But I knew the word “genetically” engineered might scare some humans.

If you still prefer real meat, then the cultured (also named slaughter-free, Lab-grown or clean) meat might be a more environmentally friendly choice. “Cultured” means meat is produced by cultivation of animal cells 動物細胞培養 in Lab 實驗室. That seems to be a science fiction plot.

But in 2016, Memphis Meats, a Silicon Valley startup had showcased its cultured beef meat ball. Many other Tech startups, such as Mosa Meat, Meatable, Aleph Farms, Future Meat Technologies … are doing similar researches, producing chicken meat, blue fin tuna meat, etc. using animal stem cells in Lab. The only problem at the moment is the cost of production is too high. Say, 1 pound of beef is around US$2400! By the way, Hong Kong Tycoon Li Ka Shing 李嘉誠 has invested 投資 in a few of these Start-ups.

But I think the cost could be greatly reduced once the technology became more and more mature . Since it’s real meat, I think it has the greatest potential to dominate the human food market in future. Of course, they have to choose a less scientific and more “delicious” patent name.


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