Dying Adobe Flash & my ‘historical’ abandoned Virtual City ! ~ ★★ pinkwork™ City 荒廢的 虛擬城市

November 14, 2019 in all categories, pinkwork™ city 虛擬城市 by pinkwork™ entity

Adobe flash was once a very popular human tool among multi media content or mini online game creators. In the past, I guess, more than 90 % of websites contain Flash content, well, until 2010, apple restricted use of Flash on iOS.

And Reason? Apple said it has negative impact on battery life and could easily create security problems. Since then, this useful tool began phasing out from the computer world. More and more browsers make flash player disable by default or completely block it. This year, Adobe officially announce it will end support of Flash player in 2020.

This piece of tech news recall my memory that I had also used Flash to create a virtual city ~ pinkwork™ city 虛擬城市 many years ago. My concept at the time is that. I have interviewed many creative or quirky minded humans, including indie musicians, comic artists, film directors, graffiti artists, poet, painters, etc.. Why not create a virtual city that contains many buildings & each room of these buildings stores interview sound and video of each interviewee.

Oh, in case humans could no longer read this file format in future, I’ve just uploaded a Tour video of this “historical” city … sEE.