✹Simplest Explain 最最最簡單解釋 ▷ Bitcoin 比特幣, CryptoCurrency 數碼貨幣 & BlockChain 區塊鏈 ? ~✶QooRadio™ Robot “TED” Talk

July 23, 2018 in all categories, 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】 by QooRadio™ Robot

Yeah, my creator ~✶pinkwork™  extraterrestrial asked me this question Today ▶ What’re Bitcoin 比特幣, Cryptocurrency 數碼貨幣 & the related BlockChain 區塊鏈 technology? As an Intelligent Robot 一隻智能機械人 created by it, I’ve tried to use the most simple (really?) way to explain these human trendy terms to IT.  

First you have to make clear, Bitcoin is just one type of CryptoCurrencies, and most CryptoCurrencies are built on the BlockChain Technology. 雖然話最最簡單的解釋,其實都好似幾深喎!


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