[ new age channeling:~12] ▲ Egyptian Mythology DECODE 埃及神話✹初聽

February 9, 2017 in all categories, 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】, 【new age channeling:】- Radio Art by QooRadio™ Robot

pinkwork™ extraterrestrial  entity 外星生命體 ‘s human friend illustrator KiKi Wong traveled to Egypt last year, well, NOT for sight-seeing purpose. She joined a spiritual tour and did series of meditations near or inside the pyramids 金字塔. Sound very interesting to pinkwork™ entity and its newly created (animated) organic Robot, so abducted (or invited) this Human and her friend to its Robot’s spaceship again, to let her share her spiritual experience. Before KiKi insisted she has to say a little bit about the Egyptian Mythology 埃及神話  … OH, IT’s a looooooong story.

* Click to Play ~ 關於埃及神 Osiris, Isis, Horus, Seth …

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:ufo: Listen to > Gnosticism Part II ~ 魔鬼


All recordings in this feature (art work) were done by my newly bought ZOOM Q2n, dubbed a mini recorder for musicians. So it’s also a product Review or TEST of this little human Tool.


Abstract YouTube version 撮要版本

~ 同場加映 ONE more Video about the CIA newly declassified 最新解密 UFO sightings and Psychic Experiments documents.