WoW, “Strip Show” 脫衣 of a Japanese human friend / theater artist ~✶

January 19, 2017 in all categories, pinkwork™ city 虛擬城市 by pinkwork™ entity

My (pinkwork extraterrestrial ‘s) Japanese human friend ~ Rino Daidoji (or my abductee more appropriately) just held a tour Strip Show titled “SocialStrip”  …well,  it’s actually an art performance not in theater, but at a Tong Lau 唐樓 (old tenement building built in around 60s) named Tong 3 唐三 in Hong Kong. If you humans want to see or know details about this show, checked the video below.


PHOTOs of Rino (the left two) by my HOLGA toy camera. On the same roll of film also have photos of world-renowned photographer Erwin Olaf, a member of HK pop group AsOne ~Kayan.