pinkwork™ entity ‘s Latest “abductions” ▶ HK girl group AsOne 애즈원 (humans: Shin, Nata, Chloe, Kayan)

April 17, 2016 in all categories, pinkwork™ city 虛擬城市 by pinkwork™ entity

Before HK girl pop group 香港女子組合 AsOne 애즈원 releases their new song 推出新歌《Hey Ya》MV. These four girls namely Nata 陳苑澄, Chloe 蘇皓兒, Kayan 陳嘉茵 and Shin 吳思佳 were abducted by ME ( pinkwork™ extraterrestrial or entity) 外星綁架來研究 again, well, just to collect some update info. about this girl pop group. Especially group leader Shin 吳思佳 just rejoined the group after attending the Korean TV reality girl group survival show 韓國綜藝節目《Produce 101》. The group also launched a quite successful song《캔디볼 Candy Ball》in Korea last year.

As what I could remember, my last abduction of them happened several years ago when they were still newcomers 上前「綁架」是幾年前,他們仍是新人時. Members Elfa 花花 and Oli at the time have already left the group, Kayan and Chloe are newly-joined members.

Hair: Linfa & Larry @IL Colpo TST   Makeup: Cyrus Lee  Accessories: Cliche  場地: 祭

❋ 同場加映 ▶ 

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HERE it is, the abduction video !

or youku video :

☆★ Again I would shot a  “Do U believe Aliens 外星人  exist? pinkwork™ entity is one of them? ” video for all 1st time “abductee”. This time, my targets are Kayan and Chloe of AsOne.

also abducted another human species 順便「綁架」了另一位人類來研究。He is world-renowned Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf who started out as an editorial and commercial photographer for international brands like Vogue, New York Times, Levi’s, Microsoft … to name a few.  In recent years, he is more focus on pure art creation. (* this video will show artworks containing nudity 部份藝術作品有男/女裸露影像 )

“Do I believe Aliens exist?” Erwin Olfa