[ new age channeling:~10 ] EKEE 伊維特 x 夢妮妲 x Hugo ▶ Flower Remedies ❋ 花療

December 30, 2015 in all categories, 【 PINKWORK™ Radio Art 】 by QooRadio™ Robot

外星生命體 ~ pinkwork™ extraterrestrial entity stop by planet Earth and do “abduction” again! This time the 3 “abducted” human targets, namely EKEE 伊維特 (singer, author, Psychic card reader, witch & former commercial radio 903DJ), Dreamonita 夢妮妲  (celebrity dream interpreter cum spiritual healer) & Hugo aka Fruit Rain (self-taught flower essence consultant, singer) were chatting about the topic Flower Remedies … not only the “classic” system found by Dr. Edward Bach in 1934, but some “contemporary” theories developed by his students or some other people. Please don’t mistaken Flower Remedies with herbal medicine, well, it’s more spiritual or “new age” … Want to know more,  click the PINKWORK™ Radio ‘s link below 想收聽,可按/點下面的聲音按鈕 ﹝ > 1-hr Full Version﹞….

* Click to Play ~ EKEE x Hugo : 甚麼是花療?

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* Sound Track 2 ~ 夢妮妲學的「新派」花療

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:ufo: Listen to > Gnosticism Part II ~ 魔鬼

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受過正統醫學訓練的英國醫生Dr. Edward Bach,1930年放棄高薪厚職,跑去倫敦的鄉郊鑽研用口服的「花精」﹝Flower Essences﹞去治療心理及生理疾病。他認為所有生理的疾病皆是由心理而起,當時引來同行很大的批評。不過去到近代,他所創立的巴哈花療系統 Bach Flower Remedies 卻愈來愈受歡迎﹝最近有否留意一個「甜睡靈」廣告?﹞ … 今次「綁架」回來研究的Hugo,他是一位自學的花療諮詢師,也是跟隨Dr. Bach的那套。

至於解夢師Dreamonita 夢妮妲,她最近便上了一些由Dr. Bach的徒弟開辦的「花療」課程,屬較「新派」的理論,如治療時會使用「花卡」、「靈擺」等工具﹝有點「We宏」~ :tongue: ﹞ … … 有空再寫


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