R.I.P. HOLGA toy camera & photos by my modified version✶

December 7, 2015 in all categories, pinkwork™ 's Snaps~隨意拍 by pinkwork™ entity

What a coincidence, just a few weeks after Holga Digital successfully launched through Kickstarter, this “100% HK Brand” toy camera (of course analogue NOT the digital version) has come to an END :sad: . The Official US distributor of Holga Cameras announced Holga factory in China has already ceased operations. That means after the existing inventory around the world sold out, this might-be the cheapest 120 medium format film camera will become history. Don’t worry, the “Diana” from Lomography might be your alternative, or you could easily use a 3D printer to reproduce one yourself.

continue tomorrow。 明天有時間續寫 …   :razz:

Yesterday, visited the only Holga official shop left in HK. The friendly woman (shopkeeper) in this video told me she’s been working in Universal Electronics for more than 30 years and this shop will probably close in March next year 幾昨天特別到訪Holga在香港剩下的唯一官方店。影片中的女店員說她已在此公司工作了超過30年,而這間官方店會在明年3月左右結業 … :neutral:

Actually I had modified a Holga in similar way to shoot a movie ~4 years ago for a commissioned magazine article, well … before the birth of  lomography’s LomoKino. 幾年前已用類似方式改裝了一部Holga玩具相機去拍片。See …  :rolleyes: