《Frankenstein》& 231 Gates “Magic Ring” ✶「科學怪人」與古猶太「231創造之門」有關?

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MEOW, came across the trailer of coming movie “Victor Frankenstein電影《科學怪人:創生之父》~  a 2015 adaptation of the famous novel by Mary Shelley, it reminds me the ancient Jewish “magic ring” ~ 231 Gate of Creation. How these two things are related 兩者有何關係?

There are rumors saying this novel was actually inspired by the Jewish legends of “Golem”, an artificial semi-human made out of clay and brought to life by some kind of magic. 

According to Jewish Talmud《 猶太法典》 (Tractate Sanhedrin 38b), Adam was initially created 亞當被創造之初是  as a “Golem魔像 which means body without a soul or shapeless mass. (The Genesis also says Adam is born of clay). And the trick/magic to enliven a clay figure are hidden 隱藏於 between the lines of ancient Jewish texts 古猶太經典 “Sefer Yetzirah” (The Book of Creation/Formation《 創造之書》).  This book is not a substitute Genesis 不是補充版本的《創世紀》, but seems directly talking about 直接講及 how this material world was created 物質世界是如何被造.

In Chapter II 第二章, it specifically speaks of the process of creation 創造來自 coming from the hidden power of the 22 letters of Hebrew alphabet 希伯來文的廿二個字母. HOW ??? … by pairing the 22 Hebrew letters. Take the English as example 以英文作例子, the combination are 配對方法就是 AB, AC, AD … BC, BD, BE … and so on.  Since AB, BA, AC, CA… are the same, in total there will be  (22 x 21)/2 = 231 pairings.  That are the so-called 231 Gates (of creation).

To explain in a more simple way 以更簡單方法表達,  drawing a circle and writing the 22 letters around the circumference 在圖周寫上22個希伯來文字母, then joining these letters with lines 用直線連上. In total you’ll get 231 lines, that are the Gates (of Creation) 創造之門” written in ” Sefer Yetzirah“, through which the whole world was created.

I guess reading or scanning these letter pairings (right to left, top down) might be just a kind of meditation 冥想方式一種 that help you humans connect to the highest divine power 神聖的力量. Or all these are just legends / folktales, cultural heritage of a human species 只是民間傳說或某人類物種留下的文化遺產 … have nothing to do with your Creator.

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231 Gates (of Creation)

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