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G.E.M.鄧紫棋仍是新人時..絕密pinkwork™ Video of a HK singer-song writer by my HOLGA玩具菲林相機

Time Machine pinkwork™” video and a few Photos of human ~ G.E.M. Tang 鄧紫棋 by my HOLGA toy camera, shot in 2008 when this talented and award-winning HK singer-song writer was still a newcomer. Her name G.E.M. stands for “Get Everyone Moving”, it seems this little girl deserves this title. Now she’s already been a star, not only in pop music genre. Last month she also performed in Clockenflap music & arts festival HK. Her appearance on《I am a Singer》 singing competition on Hunan TV China few days ago also earned her 170,000 more Weibo (China’s Twitter equivalent) fans overnight, go to pinkwork™ city (* I’ve said many times this virtual city is not a news portal but my “research project” on interesting humans, so of course you could find “visual & sound record” of GEM there.).

找到08年一位人類 ~ 香港創作歌手G.E.M.鄧紫棋的短片及我用HOLGA玩具菲林相機跟她拍的相片。當時她仍是新人,未推出首張專輯。早說過pinkwork™ city是我對一些有趣人類的研究計劃,不是普通新聞網站。所以那裡當然可找到GEM的聲音及視像檔案。如今GEM在香港已很紅,而且不只在流行音樂圈,上個月便獲邀在香港Clockenflap音樂節演出。幾天前GEM鄧紫棋亮相中國湖南卫视的《我是歌手2》歌唱比賽節目之後,一夜間便增加了17萬微博粉絲,在中國也火起來。她的名字G.E.M代表了Get Everyone Moving,看來也真的做到了。想尋回更多關於GEM的資料,可到pinkwork™ city找找 … 喵,因我也忘了放在那裡。



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hk singer-song-writer Jing Wong黃靖@人山人海, pinkwork shortnews

just shot a short video of singer-song-writer Jing Wong whose debut English album “Last breath of youthful melancholy” is finally OUT this month. Jing is an artist of People Mountain People Sea, an alternative indie label founded by renowned HK musician Anthony Wong Yiu-ming. Jing earned this record deal three years ago by self-introducing himself and playing his self-written song “You are in everything I do” in front of Ming Gor (Anthony Wong). Though Jing had to wait for nearly 4 hrs in a photo studio till this music star finished his shooting job, Jing’s determination paid off. He and Ming Gor become friends since then.

Jing graduated with 1st Honours in Theatre Design from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design. In 2006 he joined his elder sister Kay to found the fashion brand Daydream Nation. “I’ve never considered myself as a fashion designer, for me, fashion design is just a media to express my concept … and few months ago I decided to focus more on my another passion, that ‘s music.” said Jing during the interview. Want to sEE/hEAR Jing talking more about his debut album and upcoming projects, click/touch the sound buttons below.

又拍攝了一個「人類」,香港創作歌手黃靖,他的首張專輯《Last breath of youthful melancholy》剛剛面世。這位屬黃耀明創立的獨立廠牌「人山人海」旗下一員的創作歌手,原來三年前是靠向明哥﹝黃耀明﹞自薦及即埸自彈自唱自己作品《You are in everything I do》而獲得賞識。雖然當年他要在影樓等了足足四小時,待明哥完成拍攝的工作。不過黃靖的堅持最終都獲得回報。如今他和明哥更成了好朋友。

黃靖是英國Central Saint Martins學院舞台設計系一級榮譽畢業,2006年他和家姐黃琪創立時裝品牌Daydream Nation。「我從不當自己是時裝設計師,對於我來說,時裝不過是一種表達意念的媒介 … 兩三個月前,我已決定了未來會專注我的另一個喜好,就是音樂。」黃靖在訪問中說。想聽/看看黃靖親自講講自己的首唱片及未來計劃,可點/按下面的聲音按鈕。:idea:

*Location: Full Cup Cafe, Mongkok.

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1: songs in my new album 新專輯內的歌
( 這是我的日記… )

Audio MP3

2: during recording 錄音室內
( 像上了癮… )

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3: being a fashion designer 時裝設計師
( 不當自己是時裝設計師 )

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 Jing Wong UFO witness report, a PINKWORK Art concept