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pop idols DET狄易達 & Rainky蔚雨芯 during theater rehearsal 舞台劇綵排中, a pinkwork™ video

MEOW… sneaked into a theater company ‘s studio while hk pop singer, model cum dancer DET Dik & Rainky Wai doing their rehearsal and snapped this funny short video. … want to sEE/hEAR them talking more about their latest theater drama “Upcycle Me!” which will open this month, could click/touch the video below …

蔚雨芯狄易達正綵排楊詩敏﹝蝦頭)﹞自編自導自演的舞台劇《Upcycle Me!》… 這也是Rainky蔚雨芯首次參演舞台劇,還有機會飾演多個角色。想聽聽兩位講這套今個月上演的舞台劇及綵排時發生的難忘事,可按/點下面的pinkwork™短片 … :lol:


or YouKu优酷 video link :


* a few more photos of DET & Rainky by my HOLGA toy camera will upload to PINKWORK Radio Art

還有幾張我用HOLGA玩具相機拍的蔚雨芯狄易達相片,將會放了上PINKWORK Radio Art

 Rainky & DET, Do U believe Aliens exist?
a PINKWORK Art concept 

YouKu优酷 video link :