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Video of a band drummer / YouTube prankster ➸「玩爆你個腎」的Kevin仔﹝KB﹞神秘短片

pinkwork™外星生命體又「捉」了一個人類來研究✶,就是「整蠱」Youtube頻道 ~「玩爆你個腎」的Kevin仔KB﹞。他亦是LMF、Hardpack、Kinglychee…等樂隊的鼓手 ~ 今次趁他為自己首個人個人show ‪《情義兩難全 玩爆你個Live》 ✩秘密練﹝開﹞聲時將來「綁架」 …

Extraterrestrial ~ pinkwork™ entity ‘s Human Abduction Video Series : Target ▶ Kevin Boy is drummer of legendary Hong Kong underground hip-hop band LMF & also a YouTube prankster. On his hugely popular channel ‪‎KidneyBuster‬, you could see “victims” include many pop artists / celebs in HK … These videos were captured while he was busy preparing his first solo show.

and one more photo by my HOLGA camera
★ to see more photo by this plastic toy camera … :evil:
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Kevin Boy (KB) “Do I believe Aliens 外星生命體 exist?
pinkwork™ entity is one of Them?”


or YouKu优酷 video link :