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Mushrooms can Dance! 金菇跳舞MV, a “processing” creative project by pinkwork

Heard that “processing” is a very powerful and free Open Source (programming) language for artists/designers. Its developers from MIT said it could be used to do almost everything (check yourself in its official site ), so made me spend a few days to experiment with it and created this project, must give a special thank to these little Enoki Mushrooms. It’s a real time Audio Frequency Equalizer, Music Waveform Display, etc. In a word, if you input live music, these little mushrooms would dance instantly

既然你們人類說,”processing“這套免費程式語言是專為藝術家/創作人/設計師而設的,我就拿它來玩幾天。當然還要多謝一班小金菇的幫忙。我這個小程式,其實是即時的Frequency Equalizer, waveform顯示…等等,簡單來說,只要輸入音樂,小金菇馬上便會跳起舞來。部份聰明的人類,有時也會發明些有用的東西來,大家可上processing的官方網址看看這套語言的功能 … 是外星生命體pinkwork™粉紅貓說的。


YouKu优酷 video link :

PINKCAT ‘s food photography 粉紅貓的食物攝影…

Though I’m into portrait photography, recently I also shot some food photos and videos. Take a LOOK … 雖然一向影「」居多,最近也拍了一些食物的相片及小短片。去看看 … 喵。

* accidentally came across a “partially” purple corn cob, a mushroom in the kitchen and shot some photos … 廚房無意中見到幾條紫色栗米,顏色好靚,馬上拍幾張相 … 影開就影埋隻蘑菇 。



* VIDEO shot during attending City Super ‘s Cheese & Beer tasting class …


* my friend Japan culture & Travel writer / columnist ~ May Lam opened a new Japanese restaurant and I shot a short video. 我的人類朋友 ~ 作家林慧美開新店,拍了這條片。