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Mushrooms can Dance! 金菇跳舞MV, a “processing” creative project by pinkwork

Heard that “processing” is a very powerful and free Open Source (programming) language for artists/designers. Its developers from MIT said it could be used to do almost everything (check yourself in its official site ), so made me spend a few days to experiment with it and created this project, must give a special thank to these little Enoki Mushrooms. It’s a real time Audio Frequency Equalizer, Music Waveform Display, etc. In a word, if you input live music, these little mushrooms would dance instantly

既然你們人類說,”processing“這套免費程式語言是專為藝術家/創作人/設計師而設的,我就拿它來玩幾天。當然還要多謝一班小金菇的幫忙。我這個小程式,其實是即時的Frequency Equalizer, waveform顯示…等等,簡單來說,只要輸入音樂,小金菇馬上便會跳起舞來。部份聰明的人類,有時也會發明些有用的東西來,大家可上processing的官方網址看看這套語言的功能 … 是外星生命體pinkwork™粉紅貓說的。


YouKu优酷 video link :

跳舞組合As One初次pinkwork拍攝 / a newcoming hk girl dance group ‘s 1st Time

This new coming HK girl dance group named “As One” has undergone intensive training for nearly one year by Sunny Wong (hk pop star Aaron Kwok ‘s choreographer) and will probably release their new album at the end of this year. Unlike other typical girl groups in HK which are usually formed by several pseudo models or pretty girls. All four members of As One have a music and dance background, among them has a former HK rhythmic gymnastics team member (yes, she is Nata) … Want to sEE/hEAR these four girls (Shin, Oli, Nata & Elfa) talking more about themselves, their music (1st song “Catch Me Up” will be out soon) and harsh training, click/touch the video below. :mrgreen:

這隊接受郭富城排舞師Sunny Wong密集訓練了近一年的四人女子組合As One,將會在今個月的動漫節首次演出,預計年底會推出首張唱片。跟香港一般由靚模組成的女子組合不同,他們四位成員都有跳舞及音樂的背景,當中Nata更是前香港韻律體操代表隊成員。不講那麼多了,按/點下面的連結就會聽/看到她們親自介紹自己及她們的音樂。她們的第一首歌《Catch Me Up》快將面世了 …

* Hair: Mad Ho & Linfa@ IL COLPO TST / Make up: Irene / Location: Palco



or YouKu优酷 video link :

and a few more photos of AsOne by my HOLGA toy camera, uploaded to PINKWORK Radio Art

還有幾張我用HOLGA玩具相機拍的,已放上PINKWORK Radio Art