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G.E.M.鄧紫棋仍是新人時..絕密pinkwork™ Video of a HK singer-song writer by my HOLGA玩具菲林相機

Time Machine pinkwork™” video and a few Photos of human ~ G.E.M. Tang 鄧紫棋 by my HOLGA toy camera, shot in 2008 when this talented and award-winning HK singer-song writer was still a newcomer. Her name G.E.M. stands for “Get Everyone Moving”, it seems this little girl deserves this title. Now she’s already been a star, not only in pop music genre. Last month she also performed in Clockenflap music & arts festival HK. Her appearance on《I am a Singer》 singing competition on Hunan TV China few days ago also earned her 170,000 more Weibo (China’s Twitter equivalent) fans overnight, go to pinkwork™ city (* I’ve said many times this virtual city is not a news portal but my “research project” on interesting humans, so of course you could find “visual & sound record” of GEM there.).

找到08年一位人類 ~ 香港創作歌手G.E.M.鄧紫棋的短片及我用HOLGA玩具菲林相機跟她拍的相片。當時她仍是新人,未推出首張專輯。早說過pinkwork™ city是我對一些有趣人類的研究計劃,不是普通新聞網站。所以那裡當然可找到GEM的聲音及視像檔案。如今GEM在香港已很紅,而且不只在流行音樂圈,上個月便獲邀在香港Clockenflap音樂節演出。幾天前GEM鄧紫棋亮相中國湖南卫视的《我是歌手2》歌唱比賽節目之後,一夜間便增加了17萬微博粉絲,在中國也火起來。她的名字G.E.M代表了Get Everyone Moving,看來也真的做到了。想尋回更多關於GEM的資料,可到pinkwork™ city找找 … 喵,因我也忘了放在那裡。



or YouKu优酷 video link :


HK girl band RockSugar during rehearsal 女子樂隊「搖滾堂」綵排中 …

MEOW, just shot photos and a short video of three budding female musicians last night. They’re RockSugar, a HK upcoming girl band formed in 2010, composed of three girls, namely Alina (drum), Vincci (vocal / guitar) and Cady (base/vocal). Special thank to re:spect magazine for arranging the interview. It’s a very popular HK Free magazine mainly features local bands, shows and musicians. This is also the first time I visited their Office cum Band Room cum Live Show Venue. Want to know more about RockSugar, click/touch the sound buttons below.

喵,昨晚拍攝了香港新晉女子樂隊「搖滾堂」的一些相片及小短片。這隊由Alina﹝鼓手﹞、Vincci﹝主音/結他﹞及Cady﹝低音結他/和音﹞於2010年組成的樂隊,最近多了很多演出機會,早前為Supper Moment的騷作暖場嘉賓,又是服飾品牌Converse的「The Right To Get Loud」的演出樂隊之一。多謝《re:spect》雜誌的Gary安排今次訪問,也是首次到訪他們的「辨公室+band房+演出場地」。。 :idea: 想了解更多「搖滾堂」,可按 / 點下面的聲音按鈕

interviews with some other Indie Musicians
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2: our music creations 我們的創作

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and a few photos of RockSugar … by my Holga toy camera 幾張用Holga玩具相機跟她們拍的相片 …