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visited the new agnes b. ‘s LIBRAIRIE GALERIE & met a French 到訪新「b仔」藝術廊

MEOW~ just visited the new agnes b. ‘s LIBRAIRIE GALERIE (it moved from Star Street to 118 Hollywood Road, Central) and came across this French human / artist ~ Abdelkader Benchamma who was busy preparing for his mixed media exhibition “The Invention of the Cave“. He insists doing all his artworks on the site. Of course I took this chance to snap some photos of him and also my “Do you believe Aliens exist?” video series … :lol:

路經agnes b的新藝術廊﹝由灣仔星街,搬了去中環荷里活道118號﹞,碰見這位法國人類/藝術家~Abdelkader Benchamma,他正忙於繪畫一幅大壁畫,準備他在這裡的「洞穴」主題多媒體展覽。他堅持所有展覽品都要即場創作 … 而我當然順便跟他拍了這相片及我最喜歡的「信不信外星生命體存在?」系列短片 …

Exhibition Date:
27.04.2013 ~ 13.07.2013


Do U believe Aliens exist?,
a PINKWORK Art concept 

Holga Food photo Experiment @ agnès b. café 用Holga拍攝食物相片實驗。

MEOW, special thank to agnès b. for allowing me to do the experiemnt at their café. I just told their PRs I (a CAT from pinkwork city) would like to do some shooting experiment using my Holga plastic camera at their cafe. They were so nice and asked whether they had to prepare some specially-made cakes for my shooting. Well, it’s not necessary cause the cakes on their shop are already very colorful.

You might question how could I use this plastic camera to shoot close-up or macro photo. Its closest focus lenght is 0.7 m! Of course my Holga have to put on a Macro or Close-up Lens (bought from Holga shop, just HK$68 per set). To know more about how I shot these photo, could see my article in this issue (624, p122~p123) of “Weekend Weekly” magazine. Yes, since the experiment result is quite good, I decided to write an article about this in my “Weekend Weekly” magazine ‘s column.

真的要多謝 agnès b.公關們的幫忙,原本粉紅貓只不過是通知她們,我打算在她們的銅鑼灣café內﹝貪那裡有黑白階磚地板﹞,用Holga塑膠相機做些「食物拍攝實驗」。「放心,我只用一些Lo-fi器材,佔用餐廳一小角落,絕不會騷擾到她們的客人的」當時我跟她們說。


結果,出來的相片依然有Holga相的「原始」風味,所以決定在我《新假期》的專欄稿,寫這個主題。想知詳情,可看看今期﹝第624期,122 ~ 123頁﹞這篇稿啦。


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