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Video of a band drummer / YouTube prankster ➸「玩爆你個腎」的Kevin仔﹝KB﹞神秘短片

pinkwork™外星生命體又「捉」了一個人類來研究✶,就是「整蠱」Youtube頻道 ~「玩爆你個腎」的Kevin仔KB﹞。他亦是LMF、Hardpack、Kinglychee…等樂隊的鼓手 ~ 今次趁他為自己首個人個人show ‪《情義兩難全 玩爆你個Live》 ✩秘密練﹝開﹞聲時將來「綁架」 …

Extraterrestrial ~ pinkwork™ entity ‘s Human Abduction Video Series : Target ▶ Kevin Boy is drummer of legendary Hong Kong underground hip-hop band LMF & also a YouTube prankster. On his hugely popular channel ‪‎KidneyBuster‬, you could see “victims” include many pop artists / celebs in HK … These videos were captured while he was busy preparing his first solo show.

and one more photo by my HOLGA camera
★ to see more photo by this plastic toy camera … :evil:
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Kevin Boy (KB) “Do I believe Aliens 外星生命體 exist?
pinkwork™ entity is one of Them?”


or YouKu优酷 video link :

Alien captured on Video, Eason 陳奕迅 《The Key》專輯封面的外星人 / pinkwork video

human Prodip gave this Alien Figure to me a few years ago. Surprisingly I saw its image again recently, on cover of hk pop star Eason Chan ‘s latest album “The Key“. So I brought “it” out again and snapped a video of “it” using my phone yesterday . Prodip is a members of hk legendary hip hop group LMF cum designer. And this figure was designed by him and world renowned artist Michael Lau, based on or inspired by a real Alien abduction case (The Pascagoula Abduction Incident, 1973) …

這隻「外星人」figure是LMF阿庭幾年前送給我的,他說是參照外國一個真實的「人類被外星人綁架」個案而設計的。最近竟然又給我看見「牠」在陳奕迅最新專輯《The Key》的封面出現,便忽然興起,拿牠出來拍攝了這段無聊短片。也是那句,雖然大家都是外星生命體,但跟其實不太熟 … 喵 。


YouKu优酷 video link :

PINKWORK™ Radio Art, an Experiment on Cool Human Species 外星~粉紅貓的人類實驗

PINKWORK™ Radio Art is NOT an ordinary radio as understood by Human, but a media for extraterrestrial life ~ pinkcat@pinkwork™ city to do an experiment (or artwork?), well, mainly on cool human species. He/It likes to abduct some humans that it thinks are creative, interesting or have some new thinkings, put them in a closed space, record their conversations and do analysis afterwards …

To date, the abducted humans/research targets include Mo Lai Yan Chi (award winning stage artist/film maker), Lio Beardsley (hk famed illustrator who has worked for Anna Sui), Salina Yam (founder of “bible” fashion brand AMENPAPA), pop artists Karene Mak, Crystal@Hotcha, Winkie@Hotcha … etc.. Click the “radio” link below could hEAR/sEE the details.

這裡不是人類認知的甚麼電台,是對人類充滿好奇的外星生命體 ~ PINKWORK粉紅貓的一個實驗﹝還是藝術創作?﹞。他/牠特別喜歡活捉一些牠覺得有趣、富創意或有新思維的人類物種,困他們在一個封閉的空間內,收錄他們的聲音、對話,之後進行研究 …

目前為止,已被「綁架」的人類/研究目標包括,賴恩慈﹝「好戲量」劇團主席、2012年香港十大傑出青年、IFVA獨立短片金獎得主﹞、插畫家Lio Beardsley﹝Anna Sui御用插畫師﹞、Salina Yam﹝福音潮牌AMENPAPA創辦人﹞及流行歌手麥貝夷Winkie黎美言@HotCha、Crystal張紋嘉@Hotcha等等。點/按下面的「收音機」連結,便可聽/看內容。

PINKWORK™ Radio Art ~ 

:lol: abducted humans


Abstract YouTube version 撮要版本

or YouKu优酷 video link :