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Just shot some photos of a French artist at agnès b.’ s LIBRAIRIE GALERIE !「b仔」藝術廊展覽

:P Yes, agnès b.’ s LIBRAIRIE GALERIE would has a new exhibition around every 3 months and pinkcat would usually come to talk to and shoot a SHORT video of the artist. This time the exhibition title is “Rezzak Coiffure” by French Artist – Franck Rezzak which features his 27 paintings, sculptures and interactive installations. You might had seen this artist’s art work before, cause he had an installation named “door no. 103” being featured in 2008 “Modern Young People” exhibition in the SAME gallery.

So what’s his solo exhibition about? It’s actually the first chapter of his “Rezzak Beauty Institute” art project. This project is about “trans-humanity” and in his HK exhibition part, the theme is HAIR STYLING, a simple way of transformation.

SOUND very abstract but I just saw this exhibition this morning and his artworks are very colorful and “BIG” scale, I would say it’s the most interesting one, well compared to the recent few exhibitions hold in the same place :idea:

date: 22 Jan ~ 07 May 2011
address: 1st floor, 18 wing fung street, wanchai, hong kong.
tel: 2869 5505

~~>  MAP 

agnès b.藝術廊通常每隔三個月便會有一個新展覽,通常每次粉紅貓都會走去跟那位藝術家聊聊及拍一條短片。今次輪到法國藝術家Franck Rezzak的「Rezzak Coiffure」展覽。這其實是他的一個名為「Rezzak Beauty Institute」,探討「人類改造」(Trans-humanity)的藝術計劃三步曲的首個單元。香港部份的展覽就是以 「髮廊」作為主題,一種最簡單的「轉換」和「改造」方式。展館內會看到Franck Rezzak的27件幅畫作、雕塑及裝置藝術。

聽起來好像很抽象,不過今早天寒地凍 8O 起來看了這個展覽,發覺展品很多,畫作又色彩豐富,是「b仔」藝術廊近期「」有趣的一個展覽呀!

其實大家可能見過Franck的作品,因為08年agnes b藝術廊一個名為「Modern Young People」的展覽,便展出過他的一個叫「door no. 103」的裝置作品。

Franck told me DON’T forget to mention his website which is a very important part (or guildline) of his art project. Franck特別叫我要提一提他的網站,所以不能遺漏的!趁我還記得… :-)




Posted: January 21st, 2011
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