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人類Cga池希 ~✶pinkwork™ video of a HK newcomer singer 等足7年的女歌手

pinkwork™外星生命體又「捉」了一個人類來研究✶,就是舞蹈員/舞蹈老師,幾年前已簽約唱片公司,但一直等到今年才有機會推出新歌的2015年新人歌手Cga」池希。喜歡「綁架」一些新晉歌手、藝術家來研究,因無論幾年之後他們會否成為巨星或漸被遺忘,我捕捉他們的影像已是人類此物種…存在的證據。 :D

Extraterrestrial ~ pinkwork™ entity ‘s Human Abduction Video Series : Target ▶ Cga is a dancer and 2015 newcomer singer in HK. Though she’s signed to a record label several years ago, she has to wait until this year to release her two new songs ~ 《我會好的 I’ll be alright》,《慈禧不是我》. I like to “abduct” budding artists to study cause no matter whether they will turn to a super stars or fade out after a few years. The video/images of them I captured has already been a proof of the existence of human species … :idea:

hair: Alex Chu @ Hair Corner
wardrobe: b+ab



and a few photos by my HOLGA camera
★ to see more photo by this plastic toy camera … :evil:
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Cga 池希 “Do I believe Aliens 外星生命體 exist?
pinkwork™ entity is one of Them?”


or YouKu优酷 video link :