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Alien captured on Video, Eason 陳奕迅 《The Key》專輯封面的外星人 / pinkwork video

human Prodip gave this Alien Figure to me a few years ago. Surprisingly I saw its image again recently, on cover of hk pop star Eason Chan ‘s latest album “The Key“. So I brought “it” out again and snapped a video of “it” using my phone yesterday . Prodip is a members of hk legendary hip hop group LMF cum designer. And this figure was designed by him and world renowned artist Michael Lau, based on or inspired by a real Alien abduction case (The Pascagoula Abduction Incident, 1973) …

這隻「外星人」figure是LMF阿庭幾年前送給我的,他說是參照外國一個真實的「人類被外星人綁架」個案而設計的。最近竟然又給我看見「牠」在陳奕迅最新專輯《The Key》的封面出現,便忽然興起,拿牠出來拍攝了這段無聊短片。也是那句,雖然大家都是外星生命體,但跟其實不太熟 … 喵 。


YouKu优酷 video link :

E記2013最新搞作 ~ a pinkwork™ video小短片 of HK indie musician/book author EKee

MEOW… just shot a talented Human, an indie musician and book author in HK ~ EKee (Evita Wong). Her two new books are just out, one is a novel inspired by cold blood serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. She also told me she will sign with a new agent and is working on several interesting projects, including setting up a fashion brand, pinkcat wishes her success :lol: … want to sEE/hEAR EKee talking more about her latest creations, could click/touch the video below …

喵,又跟人類E記見面。她剛在書展推出兩本新書《伊維特宿命故事集III》及《靈魂交換》,前者部份靈感來自美國連環殺手Jeffrey Dahmer﹝這個人一共殺了16個男人,後來在監獄服刑時被人打死﹞,後者就是同王貽興合著。E記還跟我說,她將會簽新經理人公司,所以未來會有很多大計,包括建立一個時裝品牌粉紅貓祝她成功呢 … 想聽/看E記親自講講自己的新作及未來大計,可按/點下面的pinkwork™小短片 … :lol:

special thank : backstage live restaurant



YouKu优酷 video link :

* a few more photos of Ekee by my HOLGA toy camera uploaded to PINKWORK Radio Art

還有幾張我用HOLGA玩具相機拍的E記相片,放了上PINKWORK Radio Art

a Sudden Visit of YELLOW! ‘s band room / pinkwork™ 粉紅貓突闖「野佬」BAND房..無聊短片

MEOW, a short video I shot last Friday night … actually I was not going to interview them, just went to bring back a “mini LED” light I left during last recording. I saw Chris and other members of YELLOW! working on their new song, so whipped out my phone and snapped this extremely “nonsense” video




or YouKu优酷 video link :

a Radio Host x a Dream Interpreter, PINKWORK video / E記 x 夢妮妲, 粉紅貓小短片

meow, just helped my friend “Monita” who is a quite famous Dream Interpreter / Yahoo Columnist in HK to promote her new BOOK, and shot this funny video yesterday. Monita also invited her best friend EKee (Evita Wong) to appear on this video. EKee is a Radio Personality cum Pop Singer. She hosts a popular and alternative late-night radio talk show about some pseudo-scientific or fringe beliefs subjects such as dream interpretation, out-of-body experience, heaven songs, etc.. That’s why these two ladies could be friends. Monita has also been a guest in EKee ‘s radio program several times … Back to Monita ‘s new book, click or touch the video and sound buttons below could sEE/hEAR the details … :idea:

幫朋友﹝貓都有?﹞夢妮妲宣傳新書《發你第二個夢》,昨天拍了這些有趣小短片。夢妮妲是一名解夢師,曾經幫很多明星、名人解夢,出席電台節目及幫《東 Touch》、Yahoo撰寫專欄。她更找來好朋友,903的電台主持E記﹝伊維特﹞客串演出粉紅貓的「古怪」小短片。說回夢妮妲的新書,想知詳細內容,可按/點下面的視頻及聲音按鈕收看/聽 …

因為當日夢妮妲遲到,我們見無所事事,就跟E記影住相先… 所以下面會見到比較多E記相片。。。 :D

* special thank to  state of the arts gallery  for providing the shooting location.


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1: about me 關於我及解夢

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2: Case I 解第一個夢

Audio MP3

3: Case II 解第二個夢

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