my book published by Kubrick 我的新書 / Holga人物相集!

MEOW, pinkcat@pinkwork™ finally wakes up … cause I’ve to introduce you my new book “I DON’ T KNOW THEM…” published by Kubrick. This book features photos of several tens of people taken using my Holga during the past several years, and lines of words which are seemingly related to these people but are actually just some feelings and thinkings “they” had brought me. The people in my book are pop artists, illustrators, poets, indie musicians, film directors, theater actors … etc, each has their own character … “I DON’ T KNOW THEM…” is now available at 2010 hk book fair, kubrick and many other book stores (may be after the book fair).

Kubrick, a publisher I like very much which is a cultural book store/cafe/publisher and also a very “popular” hangout place for many poetry and film lovers. It has also published books of many renowned film critics, music critics, poets … etc. … pinkcat suddenly become very cultural. “I DON’ T KNOW THEM…” is the first of its “life seeker” playable book series. Why call it playable ? Go to the book’s page and you’ll know the answer. meow MEOW … it’s a playable art concept … !

I haven’t seen the finished product yet, maybe this coming Friday I would squeeze into the very crowded book fair , shoot some real product photo and upload here.

pinkwork™粉紅貓終於都醒來了﹝貓都喜歡睡覺的﹞,因為要同大家介紹我的新書《I DON’T KNOW THEM…》,這是由我最喜愛的出版社Kubrick出 版的,它亦是一間文化書店/咖啡室/出版社及一眾電影與文學愛好者的熱門聚腳地。書內有我幾年來用Holga相機拍攝的人物相片,包括一些獨立音樂人、電 影人、插畫家、流行歌手、舞台劇演員等等,各有不同身份,以及一堆堆看似跟這班人有關的文字,其實是他們帶給我的一些感覺和相法。 此書會在2010香港書展、kubrick及其他書店有售。﹝其他地方可能要等書展之後﹞… 。

這亦是Kubrick的「life seeker」玩具圖書系列的第一本作品。為何叫它做玩具圖書?因為真的可以拿來玩的。看看下面的新書頁。喵,這是一個可以玩的藝術意念。


* 此書網頁還用了一種叫Augmented Reality 擴增實境的技術 ﹝此名稱無論中、英文相信都沒有人會明白,讀者將書內的黑色方格圖案對準你的電腦鎲頭,便會看到一些書內沒有的相片、小短片… 不過此頁還在製作中,快會跟大家見面 .. 其實早已整好了,只是嫌未夠得意,要略為改動。多謝Sun和Renatus兩位設計師幫我搞這些非常technical的東西 …你知啦,貓是很蠢的 … :-)

do … dooo … do …  detected a 1-page coverage about I Don’t Know Them in this issue (474) of milk magazine 在今期《milk》誌看到了關於《I Don’t Know Them》的報導 …

video 1 > 鄧麗欣 : 好失望,粉紅貓話唔識我 …

video 2 > 官恩娜 : Who’s pinkcat ?!

video 3 > HOLGA photo in the BOOK 書中的一些Holga相片.

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