The “rock” side of the creator of YouTube big hit “canto” cult song 「小明」創造人搖滾一面

Pui Ching Ho, a graduate of UK Cambridge University with a master degree in Information Technology. Since he came back to HK nearly two years ago, he devoted most of his time, well, not to looking for a high-paid IT job but his pursuit of music dream. Last year he self-produced and published his debut album, but sadly very few people appreciated or even noticed his album. Last year he helped his friend Wai Yin (a veteran children’s songs composer) to produce a song titled “Siu Ming goes to Guangzhou” for Dr. Lee Ka Yan, a paediatrician doctor cum amateur children’s singer in hk. What a surprise (irony), this song with simple melody and lyrics became a BIG HIT in Youtube last year!

“In the past, I posted my songs to Youtube and just attracted hundreds of views. And this simple song got millions of views ! I won’t be disappointed, cause it’s also one of my creations. Most importantly, I think the audience have the right to choose what they like to listen.”, said Pui Ching.

Though this song is a great success, Pui Ching insists on his music style (mainly UK pop rock). Last month he self-published his second album “Shimmer of Dawn” in the name of his band “White Dimension“. Want to know the “ROCK” side of this successful children’s song producer? Click the video & sound track below …

網上大熱的「兒歌」《小明上廣州》《小明去東莞》的監製何沛澄,其實年多前已自資出過一張專輯,可惜沒有很多人認識。這位英國劍橋大學「資料科技」碩士生,其實喜歡玩英國搖滖風格的音樂,上年「無心插柳」幫李家仁醫生製作歌曲﹝當監製﹞,竟然成為百萬VIEWS的youtube歌曲影片,連他也多了人認識。不過他也堅持自己的音樂風格﹝沒有走去創作兒歌 :idea: ﹞,最近又自資出版了第二張專輯《Shimmer of Dawn》,今次是以自己樂隊「White Dimension」名義出版。想知這位「小明」創造人的搖滾﹝還是真正?﹞一面,可看看/聽聽下面的影片聲音


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1: about me and my band 關於我及我的樂隊.
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2: my new Album 我的新專輯 …

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