CHOCO女子Band房pinkwork粉紅貓闖入…a HK girl group ‘s Band Room Visit

PINKCAT just visited this HK girl rock band ‘s small but well-equipped band room. Their band name “Choco” originated from word “chocolate“, these “female humans” namely Mel, Cathy, Nove and Kiki hope their music will be like “chocolate“, releasing “endorphin” to bring people pleasure. “Of course, it would be even better if people get addicted” said in their band profile. Want to sEE/hEAR them talking more about their debut album, and how they face those online criticism / compliments on their music (many people say they’re a pop idol group and not playing rock seriously, a gender bias in local band scene…. :evil: ), click/touch the links below.

非常八卦的pinkwork粉紅貓又走入人類的band房,喵,最喜歡 :lol: 。今次主角是香港四人女子樂隊CHOCO,隊名來自「朱古力」,他們就是想自己的音樂能夠像朱古力般,釋放出「安多芬」帶給別人歡樂,當然能夠令人上癮便更好。想親自聽聽/看看這四位人類講解她們的首張專輯《Everybody listen to me!》及如何面對各式各樣及部份有點的網上評論,可按/點下面連結。

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1: About US 關於我們?
( 誰負責作曲作詞? … )

Audio MP3

2: facing criticism 面對各種批評
( 無論如何也要堅持我們的風格 … )

Audio MP3

3: our debut album 首張專輯
( 每首歌的背後 … )

Audio MP3


or YouKu优酷 video link :


a few more photos of CHOCO by my HOLGA toy camera in PINKWORK Radio Art

還有幾張我用HOLGA玩具相機拍的CHOCO相片,已放上PINKWORK Radio Art

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