celebrity makeup artist / chef ~ Felix Ferreira 菲星宜, 星級化妝師變廚師 / PINKWORK Video

Felix Ferreira is a top celebrity makeup artist in HK / Macau whose father is Portuguese and mother is Japanese. Felix cooked for his family at young age and his first cooking teacher is his mother. Though he has been working as a professional makeup artist for many years (many HK pop stars are his clients), he has never given up his cooking interest. He had also received formal training in a culinary school and opened a restaurant in Thailand. Last year he was invited to shoot a TV cooking program named “Felix Cooking in Macau“. The 13 cooking episodes was then aired in Malaysia and Macau, which turned out to be a Big Hit. Now Felix is planning to produce “Felix Cooking in HK” and open a private kitchen in Hong Kong … … :D MEOW, I just saw him doing a cooking demo last week on TVB. Click the video below could sEE/hEAR Felix talking more about himself.

菲星宜的爸爸是萄國人,媽媽是日本人,他自小便負責為家人煮飯,而媽媽就成了他第一位的廚藝老師。長大後他一直從事化妝工作,很多香港名人、明星也是他的客人,不過他沒有放棄「煮食」的興趣。他曾在泰國當地的廚藝學院接受正規廚藝訓練,也在當地開過餐廳﹝Felix聲明是「大排檔」﹞。上年有人邀請他試拍13輯烹飪節目《澳門星級厨房》,在馬來西亞電視台播出後大受歡迎。現在他正打算自行製作《香港星級厨房》及在香港開自己的餐廳。喵,粉紅貓也是上星期在TVB見他示範「煎鵝肝」,一時八卦,所以找他拍攝pinkwork小短片 … 大家可聽/看他親自講解怎樣將化妝廚藝兩種專業融為一體 …

*Location: Kitchen Atelier



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