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MEOW …. Congratulate HK pop singer Stephanie Cheng on her new release “EVO” this month which is her 9th album! Stephanie is known for her upbeat music and dance moves, so in this album there are several dance beat songs and each has different style. For example, her new song “The Fifth Category” has mixed modern dance beats with ballet, Spain and Chinese dance music elements … Want to sEE/hEAR Stephanie talking more about her new alum, click/touch the video and sound buttons below.

喵,恭喜「人類」鄭融剛推出她的新EP專輯《EVO》,此名字是來自Evolution﹝進化﹞一詞。新碟除收錄了《I Just Wanna Dance》、《我想唱歌》、《失蹤人口》、《第五類》及《危險品》﹝國語版﹞等快歌外,亦有《漸漸》及《斷片》兩首慢歌。Stephanie表示未來的發展方向,主力也會放在跳舞快歌方面,因為覺得是自己的強項。今張唱片內的快歌也作了很多新嘗試,例如《第五類》便將現代舞曲,融入了芭蕾舞、中國舞及西班牙舞曲元素 … 想知聽/看鄭融親自講解自己的新專輯,可點/按下面的聲音及短片連結。

說回來,「人類」鄭融好像也很久沒有見粉紅貓:D 。大家想看回以前鄭融的一些pinkwork訪問,可到 pinkwork™ city 下方的搜尋方格,輸入「鄭融 news」便可找到 …

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1: songs in my new EP 《EVO》 新專輯內的歌曲
( 《I Just Wanna Dance》是一項新嘗試 … )

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or YouKu优酷 video link :


and a few more photos of Stephanie Cheng by my HOLGA toy camera, uploaded to PINKWORK Radio Art

還有幾張我用HOLGA玩具相機拍的鄭融相片,已放上PINKWORK Radio Art

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