A pinkwork video of singer-song-writer Rannes Man 文恩澄 :「粉紅貓,你喺邊呀?」

MEOW … one day I flipped through a newspaper and came across a small article saying this singer-song-writer shot her new song MV by herself … funny.

Rannes Man started her music career from a song she wrote 10 years ago which was actually just a piece of her University homework. She posted this song online and immediately drew the attention of several record labels. Rannes was then invited to come back to HK to develop her music career, started off as a song writer, backing vocalist or accompanist for pop singers’ concerts and TV/radio guest host. In 2008 she finally earned a record deal and released her well-received debut album. Unfortunately, her record label decided to close its music department the same year, so Rannes had to go “backstage” again …

“I feel a bit disappointed at the time, but since most of the jobs I was doing, such as song writing, being an accompanist, etc., all were still related to music. I enjoy my past few years very much.” said Rannes. At the same time, she has never given up and keep writing new songs for herself and other singers, posting new songs and videos online. This year she signed to a new label and will release her new album soon … WANT to sEE/hEAR this talented singer-song-writer talking more about her “not so straight” career path, cLICK/tOUCH the video and sound buttons below.

一天看見報紙一篇小小的報導,說創作歌手文恩澄自己拍攝及製作她的新歌《水孩子》MV。雖然創作人都愛「一手包辦」自己的作品,但連MV也由自己操刀,真的有趣。八卦的粉紅貓自然要找一找她 … 喵。


不過她沒有放棄,繼續幫自己及其他歌手作歌,為其他歌手演唱會彈琴,做電視及電台的主持工作等等。她又跟網絡紅人「Ming仔」合作,拍攝短片,亦開始了自己的video blog,分享自己「攝影」、「打機」、「種花」的心得,每條片動不動就有幾萬views ….今年她又再簽新的唱片公司,預計將會推出新唱片。巧合的是,她的最新派台歌,正是10年前引領她入行的作品《水孩子》。想聽/看她親自講解自己「曲折」的當歌手旅程,可點/按下面的影像聲音連結。

* wardrobe: bread n butter / Location: state-of-the-arts gallery

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1: HOW I started my career 怎入行?
( 始於一件大學功課 … )

Audio MP3

2: about my music creations 我的創作
( 新碟的一些新嘗試 … )

Audio MP3

3: lyrics vs melodies 歌詞比旋律重要?
( 廣東歌最緊要歌詞 … )

Audio MP3

4: never thought of self-publication 不會自資出唱片
( 自資出唱片全無意思 … )

Audio MP3


or YouKu优酷 video link :

and a few more photos of Rannes by my HOLGA toy camera, uploaded to PINKWORK Radio Art

還有幾張我用HOLGA玩具相機拍的文恩澄相片,已放上PINKWORK Radio Art

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