pinkwork粉紅貓遇上「孖人廚房」兄弟 pinkcat ‘s 1st meet “Twins Kitchen” brothers

HOW I meet these 2 talented human beings? I was accidentally directed to their facebook while “googling” something one day, firstly get impressed by their food snaps. After digging out more about them, including their wine background, magazine columns, casual homemade recipes and etc. … You know “curious” pinkcat like to make friends with creative and interesting human beings, so I send them an email to ask for a meeting (didn’t know whether they like cat or not … =^.^= ). The very nice twins replied shortly and invited me to come to their office /studio/private kitchen …

MEOW …these twin brothers (Caleb and Joshua) are a rising talent in HK food, drink & lifestyle circles recently. Graduated from UCLA in 2009 with business degrees, these two young men aka Twins Kitchen did not go to find a high-salary job. Instead they went back to HK, set up a small company and became a Wine Merchant. “Yes, food and wine are our interest since we were young. We also love cooking and successfully made our first pancake at age 7.” said Joshua.

They’ve also extended this interest beyond business. In their spare time, they like to organize some private dining gatherings with their friends. Not just booking a michelin starred restaurant, they would search for the hidden gems in the city, maybe at a one-table upstairs private kitchen. They would also invite talented chefs to do the catering or cook on their own using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Of course, one of the highlights of each of this gathering is food-wine pairings, their speciality.

Since participants were all so satisfied with this kind of dining experience, spread by word of mouth, more and more “friends of friends” would like to join, among them include celebrities, famed lifestyle journalists, food writers and etc.. Their names quickly made a stir in the food and culture circles.

Now the Twins have column in lifestyle magazine in HK. Their “Twins Kitchen’ youtube videos are popular. They’ve published a Wine Journal with notebook brand Moleskine and hold a “Taste” exhibition at Kapok. We could expect more funny crossover projects by them is coming ….

「粉紅貓」跟這兩位人類是怎認識的?就是一次網上無聊遊逛,走進了這對孖生兄的面書。看見他們拍的一些餐廳、食物相片,很有趣。記得有一張是影下他們在food court用餐時,用膠兜飲紅酒,豪邁得來很有品味! 好奇八卦的我再看看他們以往寫的雜誌專欄、創作的食譜,甚至藝術展覽。馬上寫了一封電郵約見面,結果他們很快回覆,邀請我到訪他們的辨公室+工作室+私人廚房。﹝都說網上識人「類」很容易的,特別是做主動 ….﹞

說回正經的,伍柏基 Joshua 及伍柏華 Caleb 兩位孖生兄弟﹝代號「孖人廚房」﹞今年才廿多歲,09年UCLA洛杉磯加大商業系畢業後,不去找一份高薪的工作,選擇返回香港,搞起餐酒生意來。不出半年,生意已上了軌道。「在美國居住時已愛上飲食及對酒有點研究。我們亦喜歡入廚,幾歲大已成功煮出第一個PANCAKE!」 Joshua說。他們還將這份興趣擴展到生意以外。




其賓拍攝背後,我們還談了很多無聊事,如那裡可買一些小型的LED燈,方便他們平日拍食物SNAP SHOTS用,還有粉紅貓可否食一餐他們的私房菜 … 跟一般開門做生意的「私房菜」不同,孖人廚房的飯局,他們只會邀請私人好友參與 …



or YouKu优酷 video link :

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