Use Holga To Capture a Feeling 用Holga捕捉感覺﹝被攝人類HotCha, 今期專欄稿﹞

That should be the original title of my latest article in my column in this issue (630, p130~131) of “Weekend Weekly” magazine. Actually it means “feeling” towards the people (being photographed) and about a place (the shooting site) . The editor later changed it to “capture HotCha (name of this hk pop dance & sing group )”, well, I agree this new title is much more attractive to the readers. Though I’m quite good at shooting people, I seldom wrote about portrait photography … since I want to experiment with other interesting topics, like photograph food, animals, bugs, scenery … etc. in this column.

This time is special, cause the three girls@HotCha were so excited in front of my “holga” camera (never been photographed by a CAT before ?!), so photos came out are all so natural and fit this title … …

這原本是我今期﹝第 630期, 130~131頁﹞《新假期》專欄的標題﹝懶特別、虛無飄渺 :idea: ﹞,「感覺」是指對人﹝被攝者﹞及場地﹝拍攝地點﹞的感覺。雜誌編輯其後將之改成「捕捉HotCha」,又的確會更吸引讀者。雖然我經常拍攝人﹝類﹞,卻甚少以此做文章主題。因為想在此欄目試驗多些新鮮題材,例如影食物、動物、蟲蟲等等。


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My article in this Issue (630, p130~131) of “Weekend Weekly 新假期”



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