just shot a video of a HUMAN friend ! 時裝品牌Amenpapa創辦人

Salina used to be an amateur theater actor, and the marketing person of a fashion brand … NOW she is the creator / founder of a fashion brand, namely Amenpapa. It’s a brand that blends God’s words with fashion.

粉紅貓剛剛幫人類朋友拍攝的小短片。Salina是香港一個時裝品牌Amenpapa的創­辦人。該品牌是以型格的時裝去傳播聖經的訊息 … 很多香港的藝人如孫耀威、鍾舒漫、Yumiko、Boyz的Steven、高皓正等,­也有穿該品牌的衣服 …


Posted: December 12th, 2010
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Comment from pinkcat - at 8:12 am

MEOW … :lol:

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