A Taiwanese Androgynous girl group 台灣中性女子樂團MISSTER 酒店房驚見粉紅貓 …

A human friend of pinkcat (a young HK girl) just immigrated to Taiwan and is working as a freelance PR for many music groups there. She introduced this rising androgynous girl group “MISSTER” to me.

A group formed by Diana Tai who is the lead vocal and became popular through “One Million Star II” (Taiwan version of American Idol). She then opened a record label herself and along with the other four members, namely Chiao, Chris, Milk and Carol, formed this music group. So she is both the boss and artist of her company. They’ve just released their debut album 《特先生》last month and received a great response from critics and audience from Asia.

MEOW … there are very few music groups in Asia using this image and wish them success … WANT to hEAR/sEE them talking more about their music, could touch the interview sound tracks below.

粉紅貓一位剛「移民」到了台灣的人類朋友﹝一位香港女孩﹞介紹這隊中性女子組合給我認識的 …


在加拿大修讀錄音工程的戴安娜花了很多心思在樂團的首張專輯《特先生》上。雖然走女子中性的路線一直不被看好,但專輯推出之後大獲好評,連行內人也讚好呢 … 想聽聽/看看她們親自講解新專輯的意念及製作過程,可點選下面的聲軌收聽。


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1: about our Group 關於我們樂團.
Audio MP3

2: our Debut Album 首張專輯《特先生》 …

Audio MP3



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