painter / singer-song-writer AMA, Huen Ning 萱寧 singing in her Fotan Studio 火炭畫室唱歌中 …

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just visited “FoTan” studio of my human friend Ama, Huen Ning who is an art graduate from CUHK, now a painter, singer-song-writer & a beautiful pregnant mother. So pleased to hear that her new self-published album “A Taste of Life”  is OUT. She said this album is also a gift for her coming new baby.

剛到訪人類朋友萱寧 的「火炭」工作室。Ama是中大藝術系畢業生,現在是一位畫家、創作歌手及懷孕中的靚媽媽。看了她的一些畫作,順便恭喜她的自資新碟《A TASTE OF LIFE》面世 … 她說這張在菲律賓鑤音的唱片也是給她將出生的BB的一件禮物。

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