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night photos of ICC & IFC by my Holga 拍的兩幢夜景高廈相

MEOW … photos of ICC (a skyscraper in HK), shot by my Holga plastic camera last Monday while under Fierce Attack from mosquitoes … 被惡蚊猛針下,上星期一用Holga拍的夜景ICC﹝環球貿易廣場﹞相片 …  PINKCAT ‘s Articles in Weekend Weekly《新假期》  


Shooting ICC had to tolerate many many Mosquitoes’ stings … Shooting another skyscraper ~ IFC was a much more enjoyable experience. See, these are photo I shot a few years ago … very artistic !

影ICC要捱蚊針,反而影它的姊姊大廈IFC﹝國際金融中心﹞就舒服得多。看,這就是幾年前用Holga拍下的 … 好藝術啊!