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a very popular Taiwanese Indie Band ~ Echo 台灣回聲樂團:「粉紅貓,別走 …」

Echo, a very popular Taiwanese Indie Band originated from a “Music Group” in the University. The four members released their highly-acclaimed debut album in 2002 while they were studying in the University. After graduation, they continued their music path and gradually accumulated a massive fans base. To date they have released five FULL / EP albums and done lots of performances, art projects, including one with NGO ~ Green Peace in 2009.

You might be surprised how they could turned their hobby into a career. “Since we had decided to do music full time, more & more opportunities were coming … it’s just like if you’re a chef and want to open a restaurant, you won’t find a day-time job elsewhere and only run your business at night … “ WANT to hEAR/sEE them talking more about this, could go to my pink virtual city now.

回聲樂團是由吳柏蒼﹝主唱、吉他﹞、黃冠文﹝吉他﹞、慕春佑﹝鼓﹞及邱文彥﹝低音吉他﹞四位大學同學組成的台灣獨立樂團,本來只是台灣清華大學的一個叫「迴聲社」的音樂社。2002年他們以學生身份推出首張專輯《感官駕馭》,大獲好評,更獲搖滾教父伍佰及並他傳媒人大力推薦。畢業後四位繼續他們的音樂事業,2007年出版第二張專輯《巴士底之日》,08年進行《無所不在的回聲》全台100場巡迴,09年與國際環保組織綠色和平合作舉行「處女空氣」演唱會,10年推出第三張專輯《處女空氣》 … …

「… 我們決定了全職做音樂之後,跟著愈來愈多的機會才來臨 … 就好像若然我們是做料理的人,想開一間餐廳,我們也不會在別的地方找份工作,晚上才開餐廳 … 」主音柏蒼在訪問中說。想聽聽/看看他們親自講更多,可到我的粉紅城市 … 喵。

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an OLD interview of them in 2005 in
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* special thank to  CM Kitchen  for providing us the shooting location.


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1: about us 關於我們樂團

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2: our new producer 新製作人徐千秀 ~ 秀秀

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3: our art projects 「綠色和平」及「心電回聲」創作

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4: my new EP 新專輯《Day 1》

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