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PINKWORK™ Radio Art, an Experiment on Cool Human Species 外星~粉紅貓的人類實驗

PINKWORK™ Radio Art is NOT an ordinary radio as understood by Human, but a media for extraterrestrial life ~ pinkcat@pinkwork™ city to do an experiment (or artwork?), well, mainly on cool human species. He/It likes to abduct some humans that it thinks are creative, interesting or have some new thinkings, put them in a closed space, record their conversations and do analysis afterwards …

To date, the abducted humans/research targets include Mo Lai Yan Chi (award winning stage artist/film maker), Lio Beardsley (hk famed illustrator who has worked for Anna Sui), Salina Yam (founder of “bible” fashion brand AMENPAPA), pop artists Karene Mak, Crystal@Hotcha, Winkie@Hotcha … etc.. Click the “radio” link below could hEAR/sEE the details.

這裡不是人類認知的甚麼電台,是對人類充滿好奇的外星生命體 ~ PINKWORK粉紅貓的一個實驗﹝還是藝術創作?﹞。他/牠特別喜歡活捉一些牠覺得有趣、富創意或有新思維的人類物種,困他們在一個封閉的空間內,收錄他們的聲音、對話,之後進行研究 …

目前為止,已被「綁架」的人類/研究目標包括,賴恩慈﹝「好戲量」劇團主席、2012年香港十大傑出青年、IFVA獨立短片金獎得主﹞、插畫家Lio Beardsley﹝Anna Sui御用插畫師﹞、Salina Yam﹝福音潮牌AMENPAPA創辦人﹞及流行歌手麥貝夷Winkie黎美言@HotCha、Crystal張紋嘉@Hotcha等等。點/按下面的「收音機」連結,便可聽/看內容。

PINKWORK™ Radio Art ~ 

:lol: abducted humans


Abstract YouTube version 撮要版本

or YouKu优酷 video link :


hk pop duo Jason & Karene 鍾一憲 + 麥貝夷 ‘s new album / pinkwork shortnews

Jason Chung and Karene Mak began their singing career through winning a singing contest held by their current record label. They then made their names by posting MV of their love song duet “勾手指尾” on youtube in 2011, which recorded more than 1 million views in around a month. Since then they have released many popular duets. Though Jason and Karene have already been a successful duo, they have clarified many times that they’re not lovers in real life. Actually in their new album which is OUT last month, you could found Jason and Karene ‘s solo songs in it. Want to sEE/hEAR them talking more about this new album (their 3rd one), could click/touch the sound and video buttons below.




FULL CITY Version (Flash required)



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1: songs in our new album 新專輯內的歌
( 我們的獨唱歌… )

Audio MP3

2: our solo albums in future 未來的個人專輯
( 想包括的歌曲類型… )

Audio MP3


or YouKu优酷 video link :

* a few more photos of Jason & Karene by my HOLGA toy camera uploaded to PINKWORK Radio Art

還有幾張我用HOLGA玩具相機拍的鍾一憲 、 麥貝夷相片,放了上PINKWORK Radio Art


Jason and Karene,
Do U believe Aliens exist?,
a PINKWORK Art concept