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singer Shiga Lin ‘s 2nd album 連詩雅:「粉紅貓, 記得我嘛?」/ PINKWORK Video

MEOW… just photographed a talented female human, actress/singer Shiga Lin whose 2nd Album “Movin’ On” is OUT this month. It’s already been two years since her debut album. During the past two years, Shiga has made her name starring in the movie “Lan Kwai Fong” in which she plays a sexually provocative flight attendant. This role also earned her “The Best Actress” nomination at Hong Kong Film awards.

Though she has quite a successful start in film career, Shiga decided to focus back on singing this year. “For film acting, there’re many things I can’t control, such as editing, scoring…etc. Singing is different, it’s a 100% personal work. Also the audience applause during my live performances give me lots of pleasure and satisfaction, so I won’t quit singing.” said Shiga. Actually, Shiga has already been a youtube star. She uploaded some of her songs to youtube and several of them got more than million hits in a short period of time.

Contrary to the sexy image of her film roles, the “Shiga” in her songs and music videos is a sweet and vulnerable girl. Shiga told me her “real self” is more like the later …. Want to sEE/hEAR (sound & video of) Shiga talking more about songs in her new album, click/touch the buttons below …

喵 … 剛拍攝了人類Shiga連詩雅,事隔兩年,她的第二張專輯《Movin’ On》終於推出。這兩年期間,連詩雅演出電影的成績反而不俗,《喜愛夜蒲》中的角色令她獲得電影金像獎的提名。不過Shiga表明不會放棄唱歌,,因為當演員很多東西是自己不能控制的,如剪接、配樂等等。當歌手現場演出時,觀眾的掌聲及讚美,都令她很開心及有滿足感。


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, old interview: 



or YouKu优酷 video link :

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1: songs in my new album 新專輯內的歌
( 最喜歡的一首歌… )

Audio MP3

2: about me 關於我
( 不會放棄唱歌… )

Audio MP3


* a few more photos of Shiga by my HOLGA toy camera uploaded to artQoo

還有幾張我用HOLGA玩具相機拍的連詩雅相片,放了上PINKWORK Radio Art


 Shiga, Do U believe Aliens exist? a PINKWORK Art concept 

my Articles about Holga/Lo-Fi photography in “Weekend Weekly” 《新假期》的專欄稿。

MEOW, I’ll write a series of articles about Holga & Lo-Fi photography in “Weekend Weekly“, a very popular Travel and Food magazine in Hong Kong. In this column they would invite different photography artists to participate and I might be the only CAT (not human) invited by them … my honor ! :idea:

粉紅貓會在《新假期》專欄寫關於HOLGA或Lo-Fi攝影的稿,得閒留意一下啦。該專欄他們每期會邀請不同的「攝影達人」﹝貓?!是唯一一隻 …真是我的榮幸 :D ﹞參與,所以久不久便會輪到我寫。下面是已出版的。

* these photos might not be large enough to let you read these articles clearly, you have to buy a real Hard-copy magazine. 這些相片可能不夠大,讓你看清楚內容,當然啦,你要花錢買一本真雜誌!

Issue 636, page 122~123

Issue 632, page 130~131

Issue 631, page 106~107

Issue 630, page 130~131

* The three girls were sharing their feelings of being photographed by PINKCAT …

Issue 624, page 114~115

Issue 620, page 114~115

Issue 615, page 130~131

* this article is about HOW to shoot a Motion Movie like this, using a HOLGA camera.

Issue 612, page 130~131


My first Holga Movie “Freedom of Laziness” (Trailer) !我用Holga相機拍的首套短片呀。

MEOW, some new stuff by PINKCAT, this movie trailer was shot by my Holga 120 plastic camera, of course I’ve to do some very low-tech modification. Details could be seen in my article in Issue 615 of “Weekend Weekly” magazine which is a very popular Travel & Food magazine in HK. ~~>  HOW to Shoot a motion Movie using HOLGA? 

It’s a trailer only, will finish this movie (art project) if I got some free time and find a “suitable human” to be the actresses and do the music for the movie. Special thank to Hina for her guest appearance in this trailer (though just 3 seconds). This girl is also a talented photography and painting artist. Actually this movie is related to my another creative writing project ~  Freedom of Laziness  !

粉紅貓又有新作品。對呀,Holga相機也可以用來拍短片的。當然要經過一些很low-tech的改裝。改裝步驟可於我在第615期《新假期》的專欄內看到 ~~>  用Holga拍短片? 

多謝Hina客串這條預告片的演出﹝雖然只出鏡了3秒 ﹞。這位中日混血兒本身也是一位攝影及繪畫藝術家,很切合影片的主題啊!遲些有空,又找到合適的人類當演員及為電影配樂 … 便會完成這套短片,喵,每次拍幾秒,可能要拍幾年呢。這「電影」其實是跟我的一項文字創作 ~  Freedom of Laziness  有關的,一個幻想出來的未來世界 ….



my Weekend Weekly 《新假期》 Article, Issue 615, page 130~131



one day in the future …
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