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visited the new agnes b. ‘s LIBRAIRIE GALERIE & met a French 到訪新「b仔」藝術廊

MEOW~ just visited the new agnes b. ‘s LIBRAIRIE GALERIE (it moved from Star Street to 118 Hollywood Road, Central) and came across this French human / artist ~ Abdelkader Benchamma who was busy preparing for his mixed media exhibition “The Invention of the Cave“. He insists doing all his artworks on the site. Of course I took this chance to snap some photos of him and also my “Do you believe Aliens exist?” video series … :lol:

路經agnes b的新藝術廊﹝由灣仔星街,搬了去中環荷里活道118號﹞,碰見這位法國人類/藝術家~Abdelkader Benchamma,他正忙於繪畫一幅大壁畫,準備他在這裡的「洞穴」主題多媒體展覽。他堅持所有展覽品都要即場創作 … 而我當然順便跟他拍了這相片及我最喜歡的「信不信外星生命體存在?」系列短片 …

Exhibition Date:
27.04.2013 ~ 13.07.2013


Do U believe Aliens exist?,
a PINKWORK Art concept 

A PINKWORK video of fashion brand AMENPAPA ‘s founder ~ Salina 粉紅貓無聊小短片

MEOW … just visited the new (her 1st) shop of human friend Salina who created the fashion brand “AMENPAPA“, a brand that blends God’s words with fashion… many HK & Taiwan pop stars wear her clothes, such as Sammi Cheng, Fiona Sit, etc.. Congratulation :mrgreen: … though a cat has no religion.

剛到訪人類朋友/服裝品牌創辦人Salina的新﹝首間﹞AMENPAPA時裝店 … 恭喜恭喜!﹝雖然貓是沒有宗教的 :lol: ﹞她說這是一個「聖經 + 時裝」的品牌, 一件件衫,就好像一頁頁聖經。該品牌也有很多明星、名人的支持者,如薛凱琪、鄭秀文等等。 … 喵。



MEOW… a Canadian singer-song-writer / actress ~ Cory Lee 來自加拿大的創作歌手

This time PINKCAT introduces you all a Canadian singer-song-writer and actress, Cory Lee who was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada to a Chinese mother and German father. At age 15 she joined a 3-girl group named Ris-K and was offered a record deal by a big label. Unfortunately one of the group members said she wanted to get married and had baby, so everything ended suddenly. That also made Cory get the “Fire” to do her solo Album. After several years, Cory finally get a deal with Universal Music to put out her new Album worldwide. During this past few years, Cory has actually done a lot of things, such as releasing several successful singles including the big hit “The Naughty Song” , playing the role of Karma in the TV series “Instant Star“, and Miss Oh on “Degrassi” . Want to hEAR/sEE this music and acting talent talking about herself and her upcoming new album, you could go to my pink virtual city.

Meow, in the interview Cory said pop music in North America these days is driven by dance beat or melody hook … and the lyrics usually don’t say anything special, all are generic words … In Canto pop the situation seems to be different, our lyricists would write a story or a poem for a melody, and our singers are more and more into doing musicals. Cultural Difference ! :P

粉紅貓又找了一位有趣的人類做訪問。她就是加拿大的創作歌手及演員Cory Lee。她的母親是中國人,父親是德國人。本來幾年前,Cory已跟另外兩名少女組成了一隊組合Ris-K,並獲得一間國際唱片公司簽約出唱片。不過其中一位成員卻突然說要結婚生孩子,結果一切發展要停頓。經此一役,Cory更加決心要出版自己的個人唱片。經過幾年的努力,今年她終於能夠和環球唱片合作,將於年底推出全新唱片,並開始了她的亞洲宣傳之旅。其實過去幾年Cory也做了很多事情,包括推出了多首極受歡迎的單曲,如非常流行的「The Naughty Song」、在北美高收視電視劇集《Instant Star》及《Degrassi》中擔任主要角式等等。想聽聽/看看Cory親自介紹自己及講解快將面世的新專輯,可到我的粉紅城市 …

:D 訪問中,Cory說現在北美的流行曲都較著重「節拍」及「旋律」,反而歌詞都沒有特別意思。這似乎跟廣東歌很不一樣,我們的作詞人會為一段「旋律」作一個故事或一首詩 … 文化差異

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1: about me 關於我

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2: how I created my songs 怎樣創作歌曲

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3: my upcoming album 我的新專輯

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