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PINKCAT ‘s food photography 粉紅貓的食物攝影…

Though I’m into portrait photography, recently I also shot some food photos and videos. Take a LOOK … 雖然一向影「」居多,最近也拍了一些食物的相片及小短片。去看看 … 喵。

* accidentally came across a “partially” purple corn cob, a mushroom in the kitchen and shot some photos … 廚房無意中見到幾條紫色栗米,顏色好靚,馬上拍幾張相 … 影開就影埋隻蘑菇 。



* VIDEO shot during attending City Super ‘s Cheese & Beer tasting class …


* my friend Japan culture & Travel writer / columnist ~ May Lam opened a new Japanese restaurant and I shot a short video. 我的人類朋友 ~ 作家林慧美開新店,拍了這條片。

my Articles about Holga/Lo-Fi photography in “Weekend Weekly” 《新假期》的專欄稿。

MEOW, I’ll write a series of articles about Holga & Lo-Fi photography in “Weekend Weekly“, a very popular Travel and Food magazine in Hong Kong. In this column they would invite different photography artists to participate and I might be the only CAT (not human) invited by them … my honor ! :idea:

粉紅貓會在《新假期》專欄寫關於HOLGA或Lo-Fi攝影的稿,得閒留意一下啦。該專欄他們每期會邀請不同的「攝影達人」﹝貓?!是唯一一隻 …真是我的榮幸 :D ﹞參與,所以久不久便會輪到我寫。下面是已出版的。

* these photos might not be large enough to let you read these articles clearly, you have to buy a real Hard-copy magazine. 這些相片可能不夠大,讓你看清楚內容,當然啦,你要花錢買一本真雜誌!

Issue 636, page 122~123

Issue 632, page 130~131

Issue 631, page 106~107

Issue 630, page 130~131

* The three girls were sharing their feelings of being photographed by PINKCAT …

Issue 624, page 114~115

Issue 620, page 114~115

Issue 615, page 130~131

* this article is about HOW to shoot a Motion Movie like this, using a HOLGA camera.

Issue 612, page 130~131