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火火 搞舞台劇辛酸史..勁蝕的《大世界》a pinkwork™ video of theater director Fire Lee & Otto

MEOW … a video I just shot yesterday, about two interesting Humans. Film/theater director Fire Lee Ka Wing and Otto Wong, who is a renowned choreographer cum member of hk pop dance group EO2 formed “61 production” in 2005. Since then they’ve produced several self-financed dramas which all had strong style and received positive audience response. Though their first production was a great success, some of their other “very experimental” works got quite a poor ticket sales.

剛天我拍的兩個人類小短片 … Fire Lee said they actually don’t care too much about the money, what they are worry about is, after losing all the money, they can’t made their next production. Luckily they could keep on and have 1~2 productions almost every year. Their latest drama “Lego in the mudmudland” will open next month … click the video below could hEAR/sEE Fire Lee and Otto talking about their bad and good “theater experience“, well, as a actor, producer and investor …


「記得我是第一個出場的演員。嘩,可以坐四百幾人的劇場,只有廿多位觀眾,一排排的座位,看上去像『和合石』墳場的墓碑一樣,真的很嚇人 … 其實開騷前一日我們已知道票房情況,當時心諗真的要一天內有一個國家的人全到來買票,我們才不用蝕錢 … 」火火回憶說。 他又表示他們不是擔心自己的投資損失,只是怕蝕光了錢之後,不能做下一套製作。幸好他們的「61制作」始終沒有「死」去,平均每年都有1~2套出品。他們的下一套劇《賤泥積木》也將於下月上演。想看/聽他們講講自己同時身為演員、導演及投資者的舞台經驗,可點看下面的pinkwork小短片 …:D

Special Thank: backstage live restaurant



or YouKu优酷 video link :

YouKu优酷 video link : 

 Fire Lee 火火, Do U believe Aliens exist?
a PINKWORK Art concept 

創作歌手~鄭嘉嘉PINKWORK小短片 / HK singer-song-writer Wendyz Zheng ‘s debut album

MEOW …. pinkcat met this talented female human for the first time, a nice girl though not so good at posing (of course she is a musician, not a model :D ). Wendyz Zheng Ka Ka comes from a music family whose father is a violist. She reached “level 10″ in Piano at age 16. Before she released her debut album “W” this month, she has written songs and worked as demo singer/backing vocalist for many star singers in HK and Taiwan. Want to sEE/hEAR Wendyz talking more about HOW she started her music career and her new album, click/touch the relevant links below.

粉紅貓是第一次跟這位女「人類」見面 … 喵。 鄭嘉嘉 Wendyz 來自音樂家庭,爸爸是一位小提琴手。她16歲便考獲10級鋼琴,在今個月推出首張專輯《W》之前,她早已幫過多位香港及台灣的星級歌手創作歌曲、唱DEMO或擔任和音工作。譚詠麟杜麗莎的新歌《重投再愛》,便是出自Wendyz的手筆。原來Wendyz入行,是由當年她膽粗粗拿了一大堆作品向黃品源自薦開始,後來還到了台灣跟黃品源實習了一年 … 想聽/看她親自講講自己的入行經過及新碟內的歌曲,可按/點下面的粉紅城市連結 …

*Location: HEICHINROU 聘珍樓

FULL CITY Version (Flash required)


Touch “arrow” to PLAY

1: How I started my career 我怎入行?
( 大膽向黃品源自薦 … )

Audio MP3

2: about my debut album 《W》 我的首張專輯
( 最難唱的一首 … )

Audio MP3


or YouKu优酷 video link :


will upload a few more photos of Wendyz by my HOLGA toy camera to PINKWORK Radio Art

還有幾張我用HOLGA玩具相機拍的鄭嘉嘉相片,遲些會放上PINKWORK Radio Art

火火、陳僖儀、Otto劇埸綵排中, pinkwork粉紅貓闖入, Theater rehearsal pinkcat ‘s Visit …

Just visited (or disturbed?) FireFire, Otto and Sita Chan ‘s theater “THE CHEAPY DOGS” rehearsal … FireFire (or Double Fire) is a multi-talented human beings who is a theater director/actor/radio host/ lyricist/columnist in HK… Last time I met him was two years ago, also during his theater rehearsal (I’m surprised they could still remember my phone no. and called me to take a visit this time).

FireFire partnered with Otto, a member of pop dance group EO2 to form “61 Production” in 2006. “The Cheapy Dogs” is just one of their latest self-invested theater plays.

In the short video below, you would sEE/hEAR them talking more about why they’re so into theater performance, that they would even invest their own money and time to produce a play.

粉紅貓剛到訪﹝還是騷擾了?﹞火火Otto陳僖儀的《 愛可以多狗 》舞台劇綵排 … 上次跟舞台劇導演/演員/電台節目主持/填詞人/專欄作家 ﹝不知還有沒有漏了其他身份?﹞~ 火火見面,應該是兩年前,是在他的《大世界》舞台劇綵排﹝很驚訝他們還記得我的手機號碼,幾天前叫我這隻貓上去「八掛」一下﹞。火火和跳舞組合EO2成員之一的Otto於06年組成「61製作」,而今次這套《愛可以多狗》,正是近期他們自資的另一套舞台劇。此劇的演員包括火火自己﹝當男主角呀﹞、歌手Sita陳僖儀、Otto、焦媛、商台DJ朱熏、細So等等。下面的小短片,你們會看/聽到他們說出,為何那麼喜愛舞台劇,還願意自己投資製作。


演藝學院戲的劇學院畢業的火火,覺得最困難是自己同時身兼導演及演員,要導自己演的戲,身份有時會混淆。雖然Otto謙稱火火常取笑他是「零戲迫人」,完全不懂演戲。火火卻說因為「61製作」的出品一向比其他劇團嚴謹,經過幾套劇的磨練,Otto絕對上得台見人 … 想知更多「61製作」過往及現在的作品,可到他們的網站 ~ 。若想看看/聽聽兩年前火火pinkwork城市的聲音及小短片,可按下面。

director FireFire 2 years ago 兩年前的火火 in pinkwork FULL CITY (Flash required)



or Youku link :


my Articles about Holga/Lo-Fi photography in “Weekend Weekly” 《新假期》的專欄稿。

MEOW, I’ll write a series of articles about Holga & Lo-Fi photography in “Weekend Weekly“, a very popular Travel and Food magazine in Hong Kong. In this column they would invite different photography artists to participate and I might be the only CAT (not human) invited by them … my honor ! :idea:

粉紅貓會在《新假期》專欄寫關於HOLGA或Lo-Fi攝影的稿,得閒留意一下啦。該專欄他們每期會邀請不同的「攝影達人」﹝貓?!是唯一一隻 …真是我的榮幸 :D ﹞參與,所以久不久便會輪到我寫。下面是已出版的。

* these photos might not be large enough to let you read these articles clearly, you have to buy a real Hard-copy magazine. 這些相片可能不夠大,讓你看清楚內容,當然啦,你要花錢買一本真雜誌!

Issue 636, page 122~123

Issue 632, page 130~131

Issue 631, page 106~107

Issue 630, page 130~131

* The three girls were sharing their feelings of being photographed by PINKCAT …

Issue 624, page 114~115

Issue 620, page 114~115

Issue 615, page 130~131

* this article is about HOW to shoot a Motion Movie like this, using a HOLGA camera.

Issue 612, page 130~131


My first Holga Movie “Freedom of Laziness” (Trailer) !我用Holga相機拍的首套短片呀。

MEOW, some new stuff by PINKCAT, this movie trailer was shot by my Holga 120 plastic camera, of course I’ve to do some very low-tech modification. Details could be seen in my article in Issue 615 of “Weekend Weekly” magazine which is a very popular Travel & Food magazine in HK. ~~>  HOW to Shoot a motion Movie using HOLGA? 

It’s a trailer only, will finish this movie (art project) if I got some free time and find a “suitable human” to be the actresses and do the music for the movie. Special thank to Hina for her guest appearance in this trailer (though just 3 seconds). This girl is also a talented photography and painting artist. Actually this movie is related to my another creative writing project ~  Freedom of Laziness  !

粉紅貓又有新作品。對呀,Holga相機也可以用來拍短片的。當然要經過一些很low-tech的改裝。改裝步驟可於我在第615期《新假期》的專欄內看到 ~~>  用Holga拍短片? 

多謝Hina客串這條預告片的演出﹝雖然只出鏡了3秒 ﹞。這位中日混血兒本身也是一位攝影及繪畫藝術家,很切合影片的主題啊!遲些有空,又找到合適的人類當演員及為電影配樂 … 便會完成這套短片,喵,每次拍幾秒,可能要拍幾年呢。這「電影」其實是跟我的一項文字創作 ~  Freedom of Laziness  有關的,一個幻想出來的未來世界 ….



my Weekend Weekly 《新假期》 Article, Issue 615, page 130~131



one day in the future …
Why you’re so eager to prove that you have real contribution to this new world ? Now the machines created by the elites could produce unlimited resources for you. You need not do anything but simply enjoy your life or work hard to be a good artist. Those well-educated elites won’t look down on you either. One day maybe one of your artworks would be appreciated by them and sold in high price. At that time, you will name yourself an elite !

more about this Art (my creative writing) project

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newcomer Shiga Lin ‘s debut EP 連詩雅首張專輯《Moment》

WARNER Music ‘s newcomer pop singer Shiga Lin just released her debut album “Moment” soon, want to sEE/hEAR (sound and video of) this English teacher & part-time Model turned pop singer talking more about her new work, go to pinkwork shortnews.

華納新人連詩雅將推出她的首張EP《Moment》,她本來是當英文教師及兼職模特兒的,上年才簽約唱片公司成為歌手。想聽聽/看看﹝聲音及視頻﹞她講解自己這件新作品,可到pinkwork shortnews !


* special thank to THE FLEMING HONG KONG 芬名酒店 (it’s a boutique hotel) for providing me this very stylish shooting location !

sound track 1 ﹝關於我的新專輯… ﹞

Audio MP3