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巔覆「性」女子組合~超粉紅 遇見粉紅貓 Ultrapink, a subversive HK Indie girl group

Came across this 2-girl INDIE group in a Shopping Mall where they held their first mini Solo concert. You know pinkcat is interested in everything related to pink color (actually their group name is inspired by “Ultravox“)… When back home, I googled them and found more and more about them and their record label. I finally know why they use the word “subversive” to describe themselves (well, anti-christian and pro homosexual equity). Though not all human would agree with all of their messages, I think human beings should respect each other.:lol:

Ultrapink, an electronic pop indie girl group comprised of two young and sexy girls, namely Naomi and Sadie. Formed in 2010, they’ve released two songs to date titled “Tong Zhi” and “Sex Bible” . The term “Tong Zhi” is a Chinese slang refers to sexual minorities, such as Lesbian and Gay.

“Reading the lyrics carefully, you’ll find our song is not about homosexuality, but about human beings.” said Chan Sau Pok (aka Ah Pok), the creator of Ultrapink. Pok together with several veteran indie / mainstream musicians formed the indie record label Animal Kouncil.

Ah Pok wrote clearly on his label ‘s official website that, one of the goals of setting up this small-sized but very innovative label is, through music to promote his liberal view of sexuality and anti-Christian message.

“Looking back the several-thousand years history of China, only until the recent few hundred years ( maybe since Qing Dynasty﹞, we would hold a conservative view on sex. On the contrary, according to our ancient Taoism (Daoism) philosophy, sexual energy is part of our life energy. Also in the old days we never had any laws that ban or restrict homosexuality … I hate some of the local Christian groups which deliberately misinterpret our history / tradition to support their views … ” Ah Pok wrote in his magazine ‘s column. WANT to know more about Ultrapink, and the creative team “Animal Kouncil” behind this project, click/ touch the links below. ( pinkwork™ city is a piece of artwork about a bunch of interesting human beings. Of course they will become my target :D )

那天行經朗豪坊,看見一隊由兩個女子組成,叫「超粉紅」的組合,已推出兩首電子音樂風格歌曲 ~ 《同志》及《性經》。粉紅貓對任何跟粉紅色有關的東西都感興趣 :evil: ,回家馬上google她們更多資料。嘩,一看她們那間獨立唱片公司的網頁 野獸會議 ,果然是有強烈訊息想表達,包括反基督教及反同性戀岐視,也終於明白為何她們用「巔覆」來形容自己了。雖然未必每個人類都同意他們,但人類應該是互相尊重的,而那麼有性格的人類,粉紅貓自然要親自見見/ 訪問她們,及「收集」他/她們的相片、聲音及影像,放上我的pinkwork虛擬城市﹝這其實是我的一件關於一些「有趣」人類的藝術創作。他們自然會成為我的目標!﹞

其實最「巔覆」應該是Ultrapink的創造人阿樸﹝陳守樸﹞背後的意念,我覺得兩位成員Naomi Sadie不過是阿樸及「野獸會議」整個創作團隊的意念演繹者。阿樸在唱片公司的網頁內,毫不掩飾寫明他的反基督教及自由性觀念的論點。他亦表明想借助音樂去傳達這些訊息 …想了解更多「超粉紅」及 「野獸會議」的意念,可接/點下面的連結,/ 他們親自講解 …

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1: about Ultrapink 關於超粉紅
( 由陳守樸講解 … )

Audio MP3

2: more about Ultrapink 更多關於「超粉紅」
( 由另一不透露姓名的「野獸會議」成員講解 … )

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3: Animal Kouncil, the creative team behind Ultrapink
( 「野獸會議」成員包括 … )

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4: Ultrapink ‘s upcoming projects
( CD, Books, Sex Toys, Multimedia shows … )

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or YouKu优酷 video link :

and uploaded a few more photos of them by my HOLGA toy camera to PINKWORK Radio Art 還有幾張用HOLGA塑膠玩具相機拍她們的相片 :D ~~>